10 Simple things that will lead to Success in Your Business

We are just a month and a few days into the new year, and many people have been making changes or improvements to ensure that they achieve better results this year, so this brings us to this question, ”what can you do specifically to ensure that you achieve success in your business in this new year?” We will try to answer this question by providing simple tasks you can perform that can help you elevate your business to another level in this new year.

Evaluate your Business Processes

Evaluating your business processes will help you see which areas are effective and running smoothly and those that aren’t. This will enable you to remove those systems that are ineffective and replace them with better ones.

Keep up on new tax rules and regulations

Things keep on changing every now and then, for example with the recent changes in tax rates in USA, businesses need to keep themselves updated. You should know what should be taxed, and by how much, filing dates etc.

Review your Business Plan

Business Plans act like guides. They can help you make informed decisions like when you want to expand your business or borrow money. Overtime, you may have to review your business plan to see if it fits your current business situation.

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Stay organized in this new year

Having everything in the business organized in a good way, will help you track all your invoices, bills  with ease etc. With everything in order, you can find documents without much difficulties to back your business expenses and income especially for auditing purposes.

Find ways to create additional Income 

Find ways within your business to start generating recurring revenue in this new year. This could come in form of offering product training to your customers for a  small fee.

Create an automatic Saving System

To avoid spending money that you would want saved, you can set up an automatic saving system.  This will transfer a certain amount of money to your business saving’s account say at 6% of the revenue.

Success in your business

Know the salaries in your industry

Checking for salaries within your industry, can help you offer your employees a competitive salary and also assist you in planning your finances accordingly.

Find ways to get tax deductions

Sometimes you maybe paying taxes for things you don’t need in your business or office. Getting rid of stuff that isn’t useful to your business can help you cut down your expenses and this is good for your business.

Have enough Assets for loans

If you plan to expand your business this year, then borrowing money comes into mind but before you borrow, you need to have your collateral ready. Preparing in advance with assets that will act as security to your loan makes everything easier on your part.

Ensure you are monitoring your monthly expenses

This is a very important aspect of your business. Tracking all purchases and expenses incurred by the business helps you keep control of your money and also comes in handy when you are planning your finances.

Bottom Line

Achieving success in any business requires discipline. It all boils down to simple tasks like Keeping records of everything happening in the business, tracking your expenses, planning your finances well, knowing your tax rules and regulations etc. If all these mentioned things are done well, then achieving success in your business this year won’t be that difficult.


8 Simple Ways to Grow your Blog with Twitter

Most bloggers put more focus on other social media networks like Facebook and Pinterest to drive big part of traffic to their blogs while leaving out Twitter. Little focus is put on Twitter, because most bloggers believe that it isn’t a great tool to grow their blogs. Just like any other social networks, you can grow your blog with Twitter, only if you have a good strategy on how you are going to use it in your social media marketing. In this post we look at simple ways that any person can use to leverage the power of Twitter to grow their blogs or business.

Use a Profile Image and Header Image Effectively

When one visits your account, the first thing they come in contact with is the profile image and header or cover image. Remember the first  impression you create says everything about you. If you have no profile image, then this may project you in a negative way. Post a good professional profile picture that depicts  you in a positive way, and try the best you can to use the same image for all your social accounts, so that people can easily identify with you. Your header image should communicate what your blog /business is about or what you want people to do. This could be something like, brief description of your business/website, or asking people to join your Newsletter list or access your free internet marketing E-book etc.

Grow your Blog with twitter

Write a full description in Your Bio

This is where you write a brief description of what you do and how you can help others. Fill out your profile description with your interests in hashtags. This makes it easy for people to find you on Twitter, and they will know you are someone worth following. For example if you are a social media consultant, you can describe yourself as, “#Socialmediaconsultant” in your bio.  You can also include your location, and a link to your website or blog, or landing page etc.

Use Hashtags in Your Tweets

Find out the top hashtags in your niche, and use them effectively when you are writing and sharing tweets. You can be amazed by how these hashtags can amplify your content reach to even a larger audience.

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Share content from other Twitter users 

In most cases, when you share other people’s content, they will likely share your content especially if it is in the same niche as theirs.

Use your Pinned Tweet Effectively

You are allowed to Pin one tweet that is constantly at the top of your profile. This is an opportunity you need to use in the best way possible. Find the best performing tweet and pin it or alternatively if you are selling products online, you can use this space to advertise your products, by pinning your offerings.

Create and Utilize Twitter lists

Twitter lists is a great tool that helps you to keep people who you want to interact with on a daily or weekly basis organized. You can easily find these people by looking at your lists, and then making re-tweets, liking their tweets or even sending them direct messages where necessary. This helps you to avoid wasting time trying to find people all over Twitter. To find Twitter lists, click on the right hand side of your profile picture. Here you have an opportunity to create a new list with a name and a short description. You have also an option to make it public or private. You can start building a list just by adding people who re-tweeted, or liked your tweets. To do this, visit their profile page and click the three little dots next to the ”follow button.” Then click “add or remove from lists.” In fact when you add people to lists, they are likely to follow you so in essence, this is a great way of growing your followers on Twitter.

Be active, and engage with your Followers

On daily basis try as much as possible to re-tweet or like tweets especially from your followers. Once in a while follow new accounts for more content in your feed and also you can get more followers, when you follow others. All these simple tasks helps you to remain active on Twitter.

Participate in Twitter Chats

When you participate in Twitter Chats, you get to know more people, and this helps market your blog or business. You can also make new connections with other bloggers in your niche or even in other niches.

Bottom Line

You need to have a strategy to effectively get best results on Twitter. I have found that when you put in place a plan on how to use these social media networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter, StumbleUpon, you will be amazed by how much traffic they can drive to your site. Many people get it wrong, when they do it without a plan, then end up getting frustrated with little to no results in terms of traffic or engagements. To succeed on any social media platform, all you need is to have a plan, and work the plan.

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6 Simple Tips to Building Wealth

How can you achieve financial freedom with even a small salary? This is the question we will try to tackle in this article. While a high paying job or inheritance say from your parents can make you one of the top earners in the society, simple money habits,  is what makes the difference between a life of prosperity and one of constant financial stress. There are simple adjustments that you can make in your life which can lead to building wealth & hence financial freedom and prosperity. Lets look at them below:

Building wealth

Monitor what is coming in and What is going out

Most people don’t track their income and spending, and this makes it difficulty for them to decide how much they can devote to their goals for example savings. So before you embark on your plans to save, track your income and expenses, then make a decision how much you want to devote to your savings, or how much expenses you can cut down in order to have some money for your savings.  Remember saving money is one of the key ways to wealth creation.

Have multiple income streams

You can increase your earnings by doing a part-time job, a side hustle or looking for investment opportunities. These are all aimed at creating additional income to supplement what you already have.

Change your Mindset

Building wealth requires that you change your mindset on how things are commonly done by most people for example most people spend money, before they save what is left and in most cases, they end spending everything and nothing is left for savings. Instead, you should save first for your financial goals, before your pay for your bills. These are simple mindset changes that can bring profound turnaround to your personal finances.

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Start Preparing for your Retirement now

Whether your are in your twenties or thirties, don’t assume that retirement is too far away. Start putting a side some money into your retirement account. This is also advantageous since you will definitely benefit from the power of compounding interest. The earlier you start the better.

Have a Plan of where you want to Go

Put in place a short-term or long-term plan depending on what you want to accomplish. You can have a five-year plan to building wealth, where you create specific money goals you would like to achieve within five years and  how you intend to achieve them.

Examples of goals may include:

  • Saving for your house
  • Saving for your child’s school fees
  • Saving six months income for an emergency fund

When we have a specific goal in the mind, it inspires us to save.

Live Below Your means

Do more saving than spending, in fact most people achieve financial freedom become wealthy by working hard, saving diligently and living below their means.

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Bottom Line

Achieving financial freedom, and thus wealth requires a change in your mindset. If you take an audit of how you’ve been handling your money in the past, you may realize that there maybe areas that requires improvements or a complete shift. Take a minute and ask yourself, are your current money practices helping to shape your future in a positive way? If your answer to this question is a yes, then don’t worry but keep making improvements, if it is a no, then it is time to start putting your finances in order by implementing some of the simple tips mentioned in this article.

14 Tactics to finding Best Blog Post Ideas for your Blog

Coming up with great blog post ideas for your site is one of the keys to becoming a successful blogger. So how do you go about this? We will try to answer this question by discussing various tactics that are commonly used by some of the successful bloggers or online content creators and which you can use too to create best blog ideas for your blog.


Google’s Keyword Planner is a great tool to help you check search volumes for specific queries which lets you know if they are worth pursuing and if they have any competition. It also displays related keywords which is very useful especially when you are coming up with even more relevant topic ideas.

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To help you remain on top of your game by providing quality content to your audience, that is current and relevant, you can check out your competitors or even fellow bloggers in your niche. Find out what they have written in the past, and what they are presenting right now. You can use this as an inspiration to improve on your ideas. This does not mean you copy exactly what they are doing but you can learn from them by checking what has worked for them.


Check out Google Trends frequently to see what people are talking about online, and if any of those trends fall under your interest.


Most of the time, bloggers who have subscribers will send on regular basis exclusive content to them.  If you are one of the subscribers you will definitely benefit from this content, and you can pick some ideas from it.

Blog Post Ideas


Various online communities can be a good source of potential topic ideas in any niche provided you join the ones that are relevant to what you are blogging about. Checking communities that cover same topics as your blog is an excellent way to come up with new ideas. These communities can be Facebook groups, Twitter lists, Forums or Q& A platforms like Yahoo answers and Quora.


Consider following the top contributors on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn in your field. You will notice that they occasionally share information that can be a source of good ideas for your blog.


Your audience or readers often will ask questions or just give their views with regard to a given topic. This can also be a valuable source of new ideas for your blog.


Hubspot Blog Topic Generator can help you come up with new ideas for your blog posts related to specific keywords that you fill in.


Your demographic data can be used to help you find blog post ideas that are relevant to your target audience.


You can target a previous post to a new audience. This can be the same content but with some few changes say in the Title to suite this new audience.


If you aren’t sure of what topics to write about, why not consider asking your audience directly? You can engage with them through the comments sections, or even on social media or through emails to help you put together your ideas for the next post.


Books whether printed or in soft copies can be a valuable source of ideas to write about. Check out for books that cover same topics as your blog, for blog post ideas, am sure with some good research you can come up with something good that your audience will love.


Keep an eye on news outlets that are related to your field to stay up to date with the latest developments. If you are blogging about Technology, then you wouldn’t want to miss out on the latest development in that field.

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Coming up with ideas for your blog posts can be a bit challenging if not tackled well through a plan. Brainstorming for ideas might be hard to some people,  but when you know how to do it, everything works well for you.


10 Mistakes that can get your Google Adsense Account Banned

Getting approved by Google Adsense happens to be more challenging to most bloggers due to the strict requirements that have been put in place, but even if you secure that approval, your account may not survive that long under the program especially if you do not stick to the set down rules, note that your account is always on the watch to ensure that it is adhering to Adsense program policies.

Google Adsense

For anyone planning to join Google adsense, please read: What to do before applying for Google Adsense.

In this article we are going to look at what you should avoid doing that may lead to your account being suspended or banned. Some of the common mistakes made by publishers include:


Sending ads via email mostly happens with affiliate networks or other ads networks that allow it, where you can include ads within content to your email subscribers. This is not allowed by Google, since it is against their program policies.


Don’t ever try to alter the Adsense code in any way, this may lead to your account getting banned. This happens mostly with programmers who may try to alter the code to accomplish a given goal.


Buying certain kinds of traffic solely for your Adsense enabled sites may not be permitted under the program terms of service though promoting your posts on social media, or buying traffic from quality sites like Reddit, Facebook, Google Adwords or StumbleUpon may not be part of the violation. Google hates sites which add no value to the readers and only exist to make money. Ensure that paid traffic is not your only source of traffic but look for other ways of driving traffic to your website like using social media networks.


Although this technique works well for other networks, it is against Adsense policy to use sticky ads say in the sidebar and this can lead to your account getting suspended.


Do not place ads on 404 error page, exit page, log in page or Thank you page. Always ensure you place ads on pages that are active with enough original content.


Never click on your own ads or ask your friends to click on Adsense ads. When Google detects such activity happening on your site, your account will be suspended immediately.  Remember as part of the Program Policies, clicking or encouraging people to click on your ads is unacceptable and no publisher should ever attempt it.


These tricks may involve using words e.g. click here and earn big money, or using pop ups or shading your Adsense image ads with an adjacent image. All this tricks are against the Google Adsense program policies and if used can get your account suspended. 


If you are running Adsense ads on a site that is distributing copyrighted content like movies, music or any other copyrighted files, then you are most likely to get an instant ban so avoid it.



Although you are free to make your ads blend well with the content on your site by changing the color or size, don’t make it look exactly like your content on the blog or website. Your readers should be able to spot the Adsense ads, and differentiate it from the content.


Don’t share your Adsense codes and publishers ID with anyone else. Sharing your details puts your account in danger and anything could happen that violates the program policies.


Ensure that the sites you link out to are reputable and do not hold content that isn’t allowed under Adsense program policies.  Some of the content that is not allowed for Adsense sites include:

  • Hacking/Cracking
  • Gambling/Casino sites
  • Adult content
  • Racist content
  • etc.

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Bottom Line

To avoid your account getting suspended or banned, ensure you read the Google Adsense program policies exhaustively and get to understand them clearly. Most sites get suspended simply because the owners didn’t take time to read the program policies.

8 Key Traits of Successful People

What are the characteristics that makes successful people top in their careers, businesses? lets consider some of the traits of successful people below:

They Plan and Set Goals

Successful people plan their lives around things they are passionate about. They plan and set daily and long-term goals that can go to over 10 years. They keep a To-do-list to help them keep track of what they are supposed to do on a daily basis.

Traits of Successful People

They Embrace Change

Successful people embrace change. This enables them to adapt to the world that is moving fast and constantly changing.

They Accept Responsibility for their Failures

Life has ups and downs. Being a great Business person or leader, means always having to accept responsibility for your failures. This enables you to learn from these failures and makes things even better. This also makes other people trust you more.

Successful People Exude Joy

When people are happier they tend to be more focused and successful. A positive working environment makes it easy for other people to feel motivated.

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They share information

Successful people easily share information with others. When you share information and data with others, you can get others involved in what you are doing to achieve success.

They give people all the credit for their victories

Teamwork is a key to success. Successful people always let others have their own victories and moments to shine. This motivates them to even perform better.

They Learn Continuously

Successful people read daily, this makes them discover new things, and even become more knowledgeable in their areas of business or careers.

Successful People have a Transformational Perspective

They focus on team building, motivation and collaboration across organizations. They are always looking ahead to see how they can transform themselves and others.


Social media platforms have proven to be the best places to get a reliable audience for bloggers or any other person doing work online, but even with these large active social media users, many bloggers have faced  many  challenges trying to tap into this audience and drive them to their sites. So, how can you ensure you have a successful social media marketing? We will try to answer this question by providing you tips and techniques that many other people have used and succeeded in their social media marketing efforts which you can too use.

Social Media Marketing

Some of the social media marketing tips and techniques that you need to employ now include:

Ensure you have Share Buttons, and they are easily visible

When you don’t have share buttons on your blog, it means that no one will ever share your posts.  Ensure that you have share buttons in places that can be easily seen. I visit many blogs, and struggle to locate the share buttons, hence in most cases, I leave, without sharing. So visibility of these buttons is important if you want people to share your content.

Ask for the share

Having buttons doesn’t mean your content will be shared by any person who reads it. You may have to put a little push to get your readers to share. In fact you may be surprised that by just asking people to share your content you can increase the number of shares tremendously.

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Use a Cover photo

Use a cover photo that reflects and focuses on your area of specialty. This cover photo showcases your work or business and you may include a call to action in it. Ensure that your cover photo syncs well with the message you are putting across.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags when chosen well and used strategically can initiate and drive a great conversation. Hashtags finds a great use on Instagram and Twitter although they are used on Facebook to some extent. You can create your own unique hashtag or use existing one that is trending to help you multiply your shares and capture a targeted audience base.

Illustrate your posts and links with Graphics

People are likely to remember information that has images than one which doesn’t, therefore ensure you include relevant images in your content. Your social media shares should always include an image. A photo helps stop people in their tracks, and it can inform them instantly what the content is all about.

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Leverage on the power of Influencers

You need to incorporate key influencers in your social media marketing strategy. Respond to your own favorite influencers in you niche. Visit their feeds regularly and interact. The more you interact with them through say comments on their posts, the higher the chances of getting noticed.

Monetize your social media followers, for more details click Here.

Share other People’s content

It is advisable to share other people’s content more than yours. If you do so, they will likely share your content to their followers hence increasing the reach tremendously, and they can also become your followers increasing your social media base.

Concentrate on few networks

Choose networks that bring in really results i.e. where your target readers are mostly located. Focusing on few networks helps you put time and resources where they are needed.

Share when your audience are most active

Don’t just your posts at any time. Find out times when your audience are likely to be active online, then plan to share your content at this times. You will notice that your engagement rates will be high during those times.

Share less of promotional content

Focus on sharing educative tips or entertaining content then once in a while you can share promotional posts.

Bottom Line

Social media can drive large traffic to your website or blog but you need to plan well and use techniques that have proven to work.  Strategize on how you intend to market your content on social media networks and focus on those networks that are bringing in the best results.

Do you know of any other tips that we can use to improve our social media marketing? feel free to share in the comments below, and also don’t forget to share this post with your friends or colleagues.


To establish your brand online, you will definitely need to do it through effective content marketing. Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a defined audience base and ultimately drive profitable customer action. You achieve this using content marketing tools.

Content Marketing ToolsI have compiled some of the best content marketing tools that can help you generate serious results in your content marketing campaigns:


This is one of the most powerful tool for marketing content. Curata makes it easy to create, plan and measure your content’s impact. Curata has various features to make your work easier and effective:

  • A content calendar that can be customized.
  • The ability to incorporate data driven insights.
  • The opportunity to plan programs including creation and distribution through various channels.

The above features help you perform the following tasks:

  • Build a predictable content supply.
  • Streamline content production.
  • Analyze the impact of content on your sales and marketing pipeline.

From the dashboard you can be able to determine the performance of your website/blog or given content. As a blogger you definitely need this tool.


Making your content reach your desired audience always appear to be a challenging task to many bloggers or publishers. Outbrain makes this easy for you by distributing your content. This platform can help you boost your audience size for any type of content including videos, blog posts or even infographics. They have a pool of web’s largest and popular media properties to help you capture the best audience for your content.


This site enables you to create and share visual ideas using infographics. makes it easy to boost the effectiveness of your content. Infographics makes your content receive more engagements than if they were just words. allows you to create infographics and share them online without any problem.



Google analytics enables you to track your content progress online. It’s good to create and publish high quality content, but without tracking its performance you may never know whether people are reading it or not, or the number of people being reached. This is a free tool from Google, it has features to help you:

  • Know how much traffic your content is generating.
  • Determine the type of content that is performing better.
  • Establish where the majority of your traffic is coming from.
  • The keywords in your content that are driving the most traffic.

With this information, you can be able to make necessary improvements where necessary, if you feel you aren’t receiving the best results.


This is a business analytics service and company. Mixpanel tracks user interactions with web and mobile applications and provides tools for targeted communication with them. Its tool set contains in App A/B tests and user survey forms and you can send customized messages to your readers.

Analyzing your customers may give you some information while marketing your content. Mixpanel has impressive features such as Funnel reports, Retention analysis and user segmentation.

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This,  I believe is known by almost every content creator out there. They have great platforms for creating effective landing pages, blog posts etc.

Hubspot offer such features like Social media analytics and message scheduling.

They have tools tailored to help you in areas like:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Lead Management
  • Landing pages
  • Calls to action
  • Marketing automation
  • Email


This is a great tool when it comes to analytics. Buzzsumo helps you figure out how your competitors are doing:  It gives you a list in terms of those that rank higher, the best social marketers, the most trending content on the internet with the matching keywords among other details.  With this information availed to you, you can leverage on this knowledge to get the best advertising methods based on your target customers or audience.


This is a marketing automation platform focused on account based marketing including email, mobile, social, digital ads, web management and analytics. Marketo ties everything together for your content marketing work. From content production to social media marketing and all that comes in between, you can count on Marketo for best results.


GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation program.  GIMP is a fee and open source raster graphics editor used for image retouching and editing, free-form drawing, converting between different image formats and more other specialized tasks. GIMP is a great alternative to Canva which is preferred by most bloggers including me.

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This is a great tool to help you generate unique titles for your blog posts. Portent’s idea generator works best with Buzzsumo. Note that it gives you ideas, and you can also check for more ideas until you find the one that is high performing by comparing your results with Buzzsumo.


Atomic Reach delivers a deep understanding of what makes your content perform and how to perfect it. With Atomic Reach you are able to:

  • To establish the topics that are important to your audience.
  • Know which channels you should be publishing on.
  • Know the optimal times of the day to publish and how many times.
  • Kind of content to create, tells you what is resonating with your audience at any given time and suggest what you should be creating and publishing.

All the above, is to help you receive a maximum return on your investment.


This is a website (App), used to assist writers identify ways to improve their writing skills. Hemingway Editor allows writers to write on it or copy and paste previously written pieces. Once turned into editing mode, it will identify common writing mistakes.

Bottom Line

So much goes into achieving success online, and it all starts with creating high quality content. The tools discussed here can make your content reach a great audience base. Although we have not covered all the content marketing tools, what is mentioned here, are just some of the best. It is up to the content creator, to choose what works best for him or her, you can also get information from those people who have successful used some of the tools to enable you make an informed decision.


Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make big money online. Many people try affiliate marketing, but very few, make even the first one sale, so in the end, they quit and try other ways of making money online. Affiliate marketing may be challenging depending on how you do it. To best make of affiliate marketing try to narrow down to your niche in case you are a blogger, and promote products that are related to your blog niche. This way, if you have built your audience around a given niche, then there is  a high chance they will buy related products and increase your affiliate sales.  Affiliate sales

We are going to look at simple ways you can increase your affiliate sales, and get you smiling to the bank:


Most people who are planning to buy a given product or service will look for reviews on the same. If your visitors like your review they will definitely buy from you. So if you are an affiliate marketer, try writing reviews on the products that you promote.


This can be something like an E Book.  You can mention the Product Brand that you are promoting in the  eBook as a reference with hyperlinks having your affiliate ID.


Introduce the products you sell, to your friends. Am sure if there are reputable products or brands your friends will definitely like and buy them. After using the products or services, your friends will refer their friends too. This is the fastest way to get a word around about a given product or service.


Try as much as possible to leverage the power of social media. Find out where your audience like hanging out most. Show up, and post content that is timely and relevant.

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Work on becoming an expert in a given field. As your reputation grows, your traffic grows too. You can then sell affiliate products to your audience, especially those products that are related to your niche.


Ensure your site is optimized for search engines, in fact most of the traffic that converts comes from search engines, so if you a high percentage of your traffic from the search, you have high chances of making sales on your site.

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Basic On-Site SEO Techniques for Bloggers


Engage your subscribers with email campaigns. Don’t rush, build a relationship with your subscribers, overtime you can convert them to your customers.  If you don’t have a list yet, you can start building one with Convertkit or GetResponse.

You can also read: 5 Reasons you need an email list


Find forums that are related to your niche, and be active there.You will definitely find people who are looking for a particular product.  Recommend your affiliate products where necessary.


Using say infographics in your blog posts helps your content reach most audience, since they are  eye-catching, they improve SEO and they also increase brand awareness. With a large audience, you have a large market to offer your affiliate products. When using Banners, place them where they can be easily seen on your site like before the content (below the title). Use Call to action words where necessary to encourage your audience to take the next step and remember to include your affiliate ID whenever you mention your product.

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Social media optimization (SMO) is the process of increasing publicity or awareness of a product, service, brand or event using Social media outlets and communities.

The commonly used social media types include Social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram); bookmarking sites like(Digg, Reddit); and RSS Feeds.

Social media optimization entails optimizing a website and its contents to encourage more users to use and share links across the social networks and websites. SMO also refers to the software tools that you can use to automate the process or experts who undertake this process on your behalf. Social Media optimization

You can also read: 9 Tools to help you manage your social media accounts


Lets now look at ways you can implement social media optimization on your website or blog.

Although you can perform SMO yourself, it would be better if you involve an expert to assist you. Some of the things performed when doing SMO may include:


Building your site on say WordPress gives you an upper hand when it comes to Social media optimization, since a platform like this is created taking into consideration SMO. You can easily create and edit your content and share it on a platform like WordPress.


If you picked a given niche, ensure your content is relevant. Keep yourself updated with what is happening in your field, so that what you write about is not outdated.


Writing new content on your blog frequently is good for Search engines, as this keeps your audience  coming over and over to check for new content, and this can improve your rankings with time. Ensure your content is high quality and SEO friendly with the right keywords.


Be active in communities like Facebook Groups, and make useful comments with links to your website. With time this will improve your site ranking too. You can also visit sites dedicated to similar topics as yours, and participate in discussions, with time, you can start directing users to your site.

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When you write about a given product, aiming a certain demographic, ensure your content is tailored to that specific audience. Use Videos where necessary to enrich your content.


Having a social media strategy is a key component of social media optimization. In your strategy you can cover:

  • The Objectives e.g. Creating Brand awareness
  • The type of audience you want to target, what they do, what they are influenced by and what they talk about frequently.
  • Participation i.e. How you plan to establish a presence and community online, and how you will engage with other users by sharing helpful information.
  • Measurements – how you intend to keep a record of likes, and comments on your posts, or the number of sales. This will enable you monitor Growth and determine which tactics are most useful in optimizing social media

The above are just some of the tasks you can perform when you are doing social media optimization on your site. We have simple Rules of SMO that you can easily follow and improve your site. 

  • Make Tagging and Bookmarking easy
  • Increase your links
  • Help your Content to travel via sharing
  • Reward inbound links
  • Be a user resource-provide resources and information for other users
  • Reward helpful and valuable users
  • Participate in the online conversation
  • Know how to target your audience
  • Create new and high quality content on regular basis

Bottom Line

Social media optimization (SMO) is similar to Search engine optimization (SEO) in that the Goal is to generate web traffic to a site and increase the awareness of the website but many people tend to focus more on SEO while ignoring SMO. These 2 components of Digital marketing are paramount if you want to succeed online therefore ensure you are working on them as you develop your site.

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