Do you want to become an affiliate Marketer? if so, then you will need to master these terminology. This will help you to understand well your undertakings.

Here we shall look at some of the very important terms that you should know as an affiliate marketer.

  • Affiliate – This is the partner who promotes the merchant’s products or services for a commission. Also called a publisher.
  • Affiliate agreement – A contract that both parties agree to specify the rules, responsibilities, rates to be paid and other guidelines.
  • Affiliate link –  URL that is can be tracked,  this identifies the affiliate as the source of targeted traffic to a merchant’s site. A click on the affiliate link counts as a referral. Example of a link
  • Affiliate network – An online marketplace where merchants list their products and where affiliates can find products to sell.
  • Affiliate program – A program set up by merchants to pay commissions when affiliates refer people to their products. Set up your blog or website by signing up at IPAGE
  • Commission – A percentage of the total sale that is paid to the affiliate for referring the sale.
  • Cookie – Cookies are used in affiliate marketing to a sign a unique ID to the buyer in order to tag the purchase as being referred by you. Cookies usually have a predetermined lifespan, so that even if the buyer doesn’t purchase right a way, you will still get credit for the sale if it occurs within that time frame ( often 60 days or more).
  • Customer – The end-user or purchaser of the merchant’s product or service
  • Merchant – The owner or creator of the product or service. Also known as a retailer or a brand.
  • Referral – Credit for click or a sale that occurs when the affiliate sends traffic to the merchant’s site.



Affiliate marketing is offering products and services that don’t belong to you and getting paid commissions in return. You can offer these products or services on your blog or website. In a nutshell if you are a blogger, you find a product or service that you like and promote it to your readers, you then earn part of your profit on each sale that you make. Don’t have a blog yet? set one easily at IPAGE

So how do you get paid in the end? lets explore the mechanics behind this. The merchant has affiliate program software that enable him to manage this whole process. Here is a quick view of what happens behind the scenes:

    • When an affiliate joins the merchant’s program, he or she is given a unique ID and a specific URL to use when promoting the product.The affiliate includes the link in their blog posts or content and or subscriber emails and invites readers to click it to find more about. Example Join our Newsletter List When a potential buyer clicks on the link to visit the merchant’s site a cookie identifying the affiliate is placed on their computer. The cookie ensures that the publisher is credited with the referral sale even if it occurs days or even weeks later.
  • Whenever a buyer completes the sale process, the merchant checks the sales record for a cookie identifying the source of the referral.
  • If the merchant finds a cookie with an affiliate ID, the affiliate is credited with the sale.
  • The merchant makes reports available so that the affiliate can see their referrals (Clicks) and sales.
  • The merchant pays the affiliate commission at the end of each payment period.


It is easy to follow the flow in the diagram above. This works the same for any affiliate product or service. Monetize your blog with these Networks.