What do successful people do that sets them apart from the other people? Actually, success comes down to emotional intelligence more than anything else. In this post, we are going to look at how successful people use this skill to achieve their dreams. Ultra successful people portray some of the following qualities:  Simple habits of Ultra Successful People

  • They speak with certainty – Ultra Successful people speak assertively because they know it is difficulty to get people to listen to you if you can’t deliver your ideas with conviction.
  • They are deliberate – Ultra successful people reach decisions by thinking things out, seeking advice from others and using it to make logical decisions. They know that impulsively relying too much on gut instinct is ineffective and misleading. They are able to slow down and logically think things through.
  • They are composed – They are composed because they constantly monitor their emotions; they understand them, and they use this knowledge in the moment to react to challenging situations with self-control. When things go the way they didn’t expect, they are persistently calm and content. They know that no matter how good or bad things get, everything changes with time. All they can do is adapt and adjust to stay happy and in control.
  • They use positive Body language – They are cognizant of their gestures, expressions, and tone of their voices knowing very well that this is what draws people to them. Using an enthusiastic tone, not crossing your arms, maintaining an eye contact and leaning towards the person who’s speaking are all forms of positive body language that ultra-successful people use to draw others in . Note, that Positive body language makes all the difference in a conversation because the way you say something can be more important that what you say.
  • They are knowledgeable – They seek continuous learning through self-education. They are always looking for opportunities to improve and new things to learn about themselves and the world around them.
  • They leave a strong first impression – First impressions are tied intimately to positive body language. A strong posture, a firm handshake, a smile and open shoulders help ensure your first impressions is a good one.
  • They seek out small victories – Small victory builds motivation for taking greater challenges, also when you achieve a series of small victories, there is a boost in your confidence. Successful people like to challenge themselves and compete, even when their efforts yield only small victories.
  • They are honest – They know that honesty enables genuine connections with people in a way that dishonesty can’t and that lying will always come back to bite you in the end.
  • They are graceful – Graceful people are strong and gentle. It is the gentleness of being graceful that gives the successful people their power. They are approachable, likable and easy to get a long with.
  • They are grateful/appreciative – Successful recognize others for their contributions towards them being successful. They also appreciate the opportunities that life has given them.
  • They are fearless – Fear is in fact a lingering emotion fueled by your imagination. Fear is a choice. Instead of letting fear take over, successful people are addicted to the euphoric feeling of conquering fears. Join our Newsletter List.


The following tips can help you unlock your potential:

  • Define success – What does success means to you?  Does it mean being financially stable? owning a home? Success depends on your own ability and determination to work hard. Define your success and work towards achieving it.   Ways to unlock your potential
  • Set realistic goals – Don’t be over excited and set big, unrealistic goals forgetting that you need to make sure they are realistic and attainable. Start small as you look to setting and achieving bigger goals. No goal or milestone is too small or insignificant.
  • Believe in yourself – Self belief can take you to places and makes you seek opportunities you never thought you would.
  • Have the right attitude – Your attitude will determine the amount of effort you will put in achieving success. It will also help you carry out your role effectively and to do more than you have been assigned. Your attitude is what will guide you when things get tough, and failure comes.
  • Seize opportunities along the way – Don’t let opportunities pass you, make the best of use of your environment to create a livelihood for your self and family.
  • Don’t shy a way from asking for help – Your weakness is someone  else strength therefore ask for help where necessary. Learn from one another, this will go along way helping build each other.
  • Focus on the future – Don’t focus so much on your current life but rather use it to prepare for a better tomorrow. Work hard now for a better tomorrow.
  • Be challenged – Challenges will help you get out of your comfort zone and enable you to be creative besides enabling you to grow.
  • Go the extra mile – Going an extra mile, is what differentiate an ordinary and an extraordinary individual. Learn to do more than is expected of you.
  • Have a reputable character – Be someone people can look up to . Develop your space and gain respect for being who you are.

  • Lastly surround yourself with the best  – Have friends that can challenge you to achieve more.


Goal setting can be a great way through which you can learn a new skill or practice good habits. Here are helpful tips to help you in setting successful goals that will work for you. Successful Goal Setting

  • Make a strategy – Be sure to take all of the details into consideration to make a good sound plan to reach your goal. Determine whether or not your goal is realistic, and if it so then determine in what time span it could be achieved. Also, make sub-goals and daily routines that will allow you to gauge your progress regularly. It should be a clean learning curve, adapted to your place.
  • Dream Big – Never be afraid of saying exactly what you want, even if it seems an overwhelming thing to do. Make it something you are passionate enough about to reach without looking back or slowing down. Let this dream be the driving motivation for your work.
  • Find Support – Be willing to share your thoughts and progress to those you value in your life especially the bigger goals. For dreams that require years of work it is difficulty at times to maintain forward momentum and having the support of another will encourage you in those hard times. If possible,find someone  who has already accomplished the goal you are striving for and ask them for useful information and ideas to help your progress.
  • Work hard – Always be proactive and maintain a strong work ethic. Never settle for laziness or procrastination. Decide in advance to do whatever it takes to reach success, and don’t let distraction get in your way. It may be easy to watch TV but it won’t help you anyway.
  • Attitude – Maintain a positive attitude and always approach your practice with passion. The only way to fail is to become discouraged. Never give up and be willing to adapt your strategy to cope with any of life’s encroaching problems.


If you want different results, you need to do things differently. Here are some 10 ways to transform your life and your business.How to transform Business

  • Update your technology – Assess what technology would help you do business more effectively, whether it is a tablet or iPad or software upgrade.
  • Get organized – Try scanning and saving important documents in the cloud to avoid files of paper piling up, besides this will save space. Cloud storage makes it easy to access and share what you need.
  • Get outside your comfort zone – Try something that truly challenges you, like public speaking or skydiving. Stretching yourself in your personal life will translate to increased confidence in your business.
  • Take a lesson – Learn something completely new, like how to use Instagram for marketing your business or delve deeper into a subject you already know to become a real expert. This can be done by taking online tutorials and courses to in-person workshops and conferences.

  • Broaden your connections – Reach out to someone you admire and invite them to coffee to pick their brain. Reach out to someone you want to do business with to share ideas about how you could work together. Create an advisory circle of other business people and professionals and meet once in a month to get advise and inspiration.
  • Set a big goal – Write it down, then plan out how you could really achieve it.
  • Raise your profile – A business to business entrepreneur can contribute to the community by speaking or chairing panels at conferences or contributing to the blogs. A Business to customer entrepreneur can contribute by sponsoring local events or getting involved in local charities.
  • Share the burden – Delegate some work, and do not take everything on yourself . Focus on what you enjoy and excel in.
  • Get a grip on your finances – Create sales and financial projections for your business and use them to assess whether you might need business financing. Check out business’s credit rating and take steps to improve it if necessary.


It’s everyone’s desire to be effective in what they do. The following factors should go into making you more successful in your work:

    • Be proactive – Take responsibility for every aspect of your life. Always be initiative.
    • Begin with the end in mind – Before you do anything, think, ” what is the end result look like?”
    • Put First things First – Take note of your priorities and work on them first
    • Think Win-Win – Never do anything where someone loses or feels they got the short end of the stick.
    • Seek first to understand then to be understood – Tune in, and pay attention
  • Synergize – Do things that work well together, including valuing differences and strengths in others.
  • Sharpen your saw – A dull blade doesn’t do anyone good. Take time daily to work on your skill-sets.