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There are many web hosting companies out there but one thing you should take note of, is to use hosting that is optimized for use by bloggers. Companies like Ipage, Bluehost, Fatcow etc. have some optimization for WordPress. With these you can expect a faster site and efficient Management experience. These hosting companies come with tools that help you to install WordPress automatically without having to worry setting up MySQL databases. In fact you can do these installation on your own. When I installed WordPress on Ipage, I had no prior experience but I managed to do it successfully.

What makes Ipage stand out? You get the following features if you sign up for Ipage hosting:

  1. Free domain Name Registration –At Ipage, you will get one free domain when you sign up for a new account
  2. Free Search Engine Optimization –You don’t need to pay for Search engine submission. You can submit your blog to popular search engines such as Bing, Google, Yahoo by yourself. I did this on my own for my blog. 
  3. Reliable Website Stats – You can easily know how your blog is performing with regard to traffic by using Google Webmaster Tools in your Ipage control panel.
  4. Free Online Marketing Guides – You don’t need to worry on how you will market your blog. Ipage will offer you free marketing guides to accelerate your results.
  5. If you are not using Ipage yet, you can sign up easily through this link Sign Up for Ipage

Since I started using Ipage hosting, I believe it is the best besides many other people know that it is the  most user-friendly web hosting provider in the market. In fact when I registered my account with Ipage, and had my blog running in minutes.

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Step 1

First sign up for Ipage if you don’t have an account with them by clicking this link IPAGE. If you already have an account with them simply login.

At time of writing this post, they have an introductory pricing of only $1.99 per month. Note the original price is usually $ 10.95 per month. Therefore you can take advantage of this offer and have your blog in minutes.

Step 2

From the control panel, go to the website and click on WordPress ICON

How create a WordPress blog with Ipage


From there, you will be taken Ipage’s one click Install. Click on the install button.

How to create a WordPress blog with Ipage

Step 4

Follow the instructions as shown on your screen to finish the WordPress installation. On this page, you will need to do the following adjustments:

  • Installation Preferences: Choose which WordPress version you’d like to install and enter the directory you’d like WordPress installed. If you want your Main website to be WordPress, you can leave the directory field blankHow to create a WordPress blog with Ipage
  • Advanced Options: You can now provide a name for your new website, change administrative privileges, and create a new database, all of which are optional.

How to create a WordPress Blog with Ipage

  • Plugins and Themes: You can choose which theme and plugins to install and use on your new website. But note that this is optional.

How to create a WordPress Blog with Ipage

  • Legal Information: Click on the check box if you have read the terms and conditions of the GPL License Agreement. Once you are done, click the Complete Button. This will take you only few seconds.
  • How to create a WordPress Blog with Ipage
  • At this point, you are done. After you are through with installation of your blog on Ipage, you can now start posting content.  In case you don’t have Ipage, get one here..

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