How to get to safe mode in Windows 10

If the operating system is able to boot successful and allows you to log on to your computer with an administrator account, entering into windows 10 safe mode will be easy.

Windows 10

If you are able to log on to the windows with an administrator account, the OS has no start-up related issue and you can get into the safe mode by following instructions:

    1. Log into the windows 10 computer with an administrator account.
    2. Once on the desk stop screen, press the Windows + R keys simultaneously on the keyboard.
    3. In the available field of the Run Command box, type MSCONFIG, and press ENTER.
    4. From the system configuration box go to the Boot tab.
    5. Under the Boot options, section check the safe boot check box.
    6. Click OK and when prompted click restart to start windows 10 in safe mode. Alternatively you can also click the Exit without restart button to continue working with OS, and allow windows 10 to boot in safe mode the next time the computer starts. I believe these instructions will be of help to you.

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  1. thank you, this is a really helpful post for an technically challenged individual such as I. I am bookmarking it.

  2. Safe Mode plays an important role to recover our data or when the system crashes. Wish I had come across this post earlier then, I would have saved massive amount of data.

  3. Window Ten is Latest innovation and it’s very useful no doubt it’s very difficult when you use in starting but after it it’s very reliable and it has very unique method to launch for us.
    I really appreciate to John M because he is sharing very exceptional things about window ten hope you can continue that in feature and helping us.

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