Goal setting can be a great way through which you can learn a new skill or practice good habits. Here are helpful tips to help you in setting successful goals that will work for you. Successful Goal Setting

  • Make a strategy – Be sure to take all of the details into consideration to make a good sound plan to reach your goal. Determine whether or not your goal is realistic, and if it so then determine in what time span it could be achieved. Also, make sub-goals and daily routines that will allow you to gauge your progress regularly. It should be a clean learning curve, adapted to your place.
  • Dream Big – Never be afraid of saying exactly what you want, even if it seems an overwhelming thing to do. Make it something you are passionate enough about to reach without looking back or slowing down. Let this dream be the driving motivation for your work.
  • Find Support – Be willing to share your thoughts and progress to those you value in your life especially the bigger goals. For dreams that require years of work it is difficulty at times to maintain forward momentum and having the support of another will encourage you in those hard times. If possible,find someone  who has already accomplished the goal you are striving for and ask them for useful information and ideas to help your progress.
  • Work hard – Always be proactive and maintain a strong work ethic. Never settle for laziness or procrastination. Decide in advance to do whatever it takes to reach success, and don’t let distraction get in your way. It may be easy to watch TV but it won’t help you anyway.
  • Attitude – Maintain a positive attitude and always approach your practice with passion. The only way to fail is to become discouraged. Never give up and be willing to adapt your strategy to cope with any of life’s encroaching problems.

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Author: John Mulindi

John is very passionate about Digital marketing. He blogs on topics ranging from Social Media marketing, Search Engine optimization, Internet Marketing, Email Marketing, to Personal Development. In free time he likes watching Football, Reading, Listening to music and taking Nature walks.


  1. Thanks for sharing those good tips. I think the one that seems the most appropriate is to work hard. Sometimes people are looking for the shortcut, the easy way, the FAST way. Bottom line, the sustainable way is to work hard and be focused. When I started blogging, I couldn’t believe how many suggested “buying” readers, or comments etc. I wanted sustainable good readership that wouldn’t leave at the drop of a hat, or after a few days. Social media folks can be fickle, and you need to bring over the ones who truly match your offerings.
    Thanks for the insightful post – and wishing you a Happy New year!

    1. Yes, actually there isn’t any shortcut to success, you have to put in the needed effort to reach your goals otherwise thanks for visiting and taking time to comment on this post. Happy new year too!

  2. I think having the right attitude is so important. I find that the negative little voice in my head is always trying to talk me out of dreaming big so I have to constantly fight with it! But I find that surrounding myself with positive people and other dreamers helps. Thanks for the tips:)

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