5 Steps to Employer Branding and Reputation Management on Social Media

The ever-changing digital world is creating numerous opportunities for businesses to attract consumers and establish long-term relationships. However, this focus often distracts companies from focusing on another crucial relationship: the relationship between employer and employee. This relationship is the key to long-term, successful operation and positive reputation. Guaranteed Removals, a Canadian online reputation management firm, shares 5 tips on how employers can establish an employer brand using social media.

  1. Collect and Share Reviews

Society no longer relies on word of mouth to form views about products, services, and companies. Instead, we turn to online reviews for advice, including user experiences, recommendations, and warnings. Often, we use online reviews help us to determine if spending our money on products or services is “worth it”, but online reviews are becoming an increasingly popular resource for job seekers and employer branding efforts. Websites such as Glassdoor and Indeed give employees a platform to share their experiences with companies. This includes information such as the interview experience, average salary, management style, and job associated tasks. If past or present employees are unhappy, these websites can create a negative online reputation for a company, deterring job seekers from applying. Luckily, for future and present employees, this means that companies are working harder to make their employees happy. To get positive reviews and promote your employer brand, Guaranteed Removals recommends that companies encourage their current employees to fill out reviews. Share your positive reviews on social media, especially when sharing a new job opening.

Steps to Employer Branding and Reputation Management on Social Media

  1. Show Off Your Employees!

The best way to establish a positive employer brand is to show off your employees and how much you respect them. Make sure one post a week on social media features real employees. Guaranteed Removals recommends featuring an Employee of the Month post that describes how grateful the company is to have this employee. Another great idea is having “employee takeovers”, where employees get to control the social media accounts and take your followers around for the day, showing off their daily practices. For companies that do not have the funds to offer bonuses or big team events, making employees play a larger role in company branding can be a beneficial trade off.

  1. Expose Company Culture

A great way to create unique content for your social media is by providing an inside look into the daily workings of your company. Using photos and videos, show viewers the benefits of working at your company. From travel and volunteer opportunities to employee appreciation dinners, job seekers will acknowledge the commitment to creating a welcoming work atmosphere. This content also helps to spread consumer awareness of your company culture, which in turn reflects positively onto your reputation in the community as a respectful employer.

  1. Corporate Philanthropy

Spending most of your time at work can be unfortunate when you feel as if your work is not contributing to a large goal that betters society. A way to avoid employee burn-out (and consequently employee dissatisfaction) is by engaging in corporate philanthropy. Guaranteed Removals describes this as the continuous effort by a company to share their success with important causes, locally and/ or globally. Being a part of something much bigger than your daily tasks can trump feelings of unappreciativeness and foster a sense of belonging. Sharing information on your company’s social media about how your employees are dedicated to larger causes is a great way to attract job seekers. This is also a great way to promote community involvement, resulting in a greater connection with consumers.

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  1. Job Recruitment Campaigns

Advertising your employer brand through social media is a great way to reach a lot of people, especially those individuals who are already a consumer or fan of your company. Often these individuals end up being the best employees because they truly understand the value your company brings to consumers. Next time there is a job opening, make sure to advertise it through social media. For larger companies, creating job recruitment campaigns, including videos explaining the importance of employees, a careers website page, and job postings, is a great way to attract high quality and qualified candidates. When advertising job openings, Guaranteed Removals recommends sharing employee testimonials to attract the right kind of applicants.

Guaranteed Removals shows that a great employer brand and online reputation is a powerful asset for companies, from both a consumer and employee perspective. A great way to improve your employer brand and reputation is with an active use of social media. Get creative, feature your current employees, and watch your business transform!


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