5 Less-known Secrets of Successful Consultants

If you’ve noticed, consultancy is a highly competitive industry. Graduates from the best business schools who have extensive and interesting work experience choose consultancy as a career. With such a diverse work population and exciting career opportunities, it becomes hard … Read More

Reasons why I consider Continuous learning as a Key Factor in Personal Growth

Continuous learning is a key aspect of our personal development especially in the current computer age where there is an ever-changing technology. Continuous learning is the urge to acquire knowledge and skills in preparation for your future opportunities.

I have … Read More

What to do when your Boss doesn’t like you

Sometimes bosses are not the warm, friendly people employees want them to be, making it tough to work for them, this bring us to this question, what can an employee do when your boss doesn’t like you?

All employees hope … Read More

Goodbye 9 to 5 Desk Job, Welcome Work from Home

You probably have seen enough ads online where people boast about their cool work from home lifestyle. I would say that a decade ago, this wasn’t usual. But the truth is, it still is unusual today.

Not everyone understands how … Read More

The Important Facts of being a Freelancer

You may be at that point where you want to quit your full-time job and try your luck at entrepreneurship. This maybe a new area to you completely especially if you are venturing into a freelancing career. This is … Read More

Common mistakes you make when job hunting

You have a good work record but nobody is looking at your Resume and more so, you haven’t gotten even one interview. Maybe your online job hunting is going badly because you are making some of the  common mistakes made … Read More

Key points to remember when writing a CV

  • When listing your work experience, commence with your most recent or current position. Some people erroneously start from the beginning and go in chronological order when they are writing a CV. Such bizarre practice has your first listing as say
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Common mistakes that most job seekers make

Sometimes the simplest matters can make all the difference in a potential job opportunity. If you one of the  job seekers, these simple mistakes can get a potential employer turned off.

  • Failure to follow the employer’s directions on how to
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5 Ways in which you can get noticed by prospective employers

Nowadays getting a job has become so difficulty due to many people competing for few positions available. It therefore paramount for you as a job seeker to stay ahead of the employment game. The way to do this, is to … Read More

How to Succeed in your Career

We are going to discuss factors that you can consider to achieve success in your career and avoid mistakes made by most people. These factors are compiled from seasoned and successful people who have made it in their jobs of … Read More