Marketing is the art and science of finding the  prospects. If no one knows about what you are offering it doesn’t matter how much value you can offer. Without marketing it is difficulty for a business to survive. When people don’t know your product or what you offer then they can’t purchase what your offer. Successful businesses find a way to attract the attention of the right customers or qualified prospects quickly and inexpensively.  You need to earn the attention of the people who are likely to buy from you and in the in the process build your business.

When marketing receptivity should be taken with seriousness since people ignore what they don’t care about.  Receptivity is an indicator of how open a person is to your message. The medium used to send the message makes the big difference on how the people will be receptive to the message.

If you make the design that you offer to be unique enough to pique your prospect’s curiosity it will be easier to attract attention.  Marketing should not be directed to everybody but be focused on people who are likely to buy or people who are already interested in the types of products or services that you offer. Marketing is most effective when it focuses on the end result i.e. what benefits your offer will provide to the customer.

You can reduce the chances of ending up wasting time and money on prospects that aren’t fit for the type of business you are engaged in by evaluating them. This is qualifying the prospect by determining if the prospect is a good fit for your business or not. Certain Markets have defined  entry and exit points. Trying to attract the attention of people who don’t care about what you do is a waste of time and money. Attracting the likely purchaser’s attention immediately they reach their point of market entry is highly valuable. Effective marketing is discovering what prospects already want, then present your offer in a way that intersects with pre-existing desire.

Effective marketing help get the prospective customers visualize what their life would be like once they accept your offer this increases the probability that they’ll purchase from you. The way you frame your details of your offer to emphasize the things that are important and those that aren’t goes along way helping your prospects  make that informed decision to buy from you.

There are so many factors that go into making your marketing strategy effective.  The mentioned factors herein are just but some of critical ones. Considering these factors goes along way to bringing you those loyal customers that you desire for you business to grow.