The day you stop learning is the day your mind start depreciating in its abilities. There are two ways that you can look at the world. First with a fixed mind-set, you believe that if you try something and it doesn’t work out, it is because you’re not good at and you will never be, that you were born with innate skills and abilities that cannot change. With this mind-set, if face a challenge, you are likely to stop.

The second mind-set is that your skills and abilities are malleable. When you try your hand at something and it doesn’t work out, it is because you haven’t done your best. But if you keep trying, you’ll inevitably get better. Your abilities and skills are in the form of muscles, they get strengthened with use.

With a growth mindset, if you face a challenge, you are likely to keep going, you might not be the best at the moment but you keep improving. Challenges are simply an obstacle to be overcome by working more harder to someone with a growth mindset. The way you choose to respond to challenges will determine how successful you will finally become.  Note that there is absolutely nothing that you’re fundamentally incapable of learning or doing in this world. It may take time and effort but you will get there eventually if you just make that effort.