Maybe you are new to sales and wondering how will I get to meet the CEO of company XYZ?  Don’t worry, we have you covered with these easy and tested step approaches to get you in front of prospects.

  1. First and foremost, research the target company-be on the look out for news about latest developments, new products and services, new financial arrangements, new locations, growth etc.
  2. Find the right contact -find out if they have listed them on the company website or in company accounts or on LinkedIn. Aim high, to reach the decision makers.
  3. Think about why they would want to meet you –For example, are you developing a new product offering and you’d really appreciate their view or would you like their views on your current products. Make sure you are sincere in your approach.
  4. Contact by letter –Ask for sometime say 20-30 minutes of their time over tea or lunch. Say you would like to learn more about their business. In the letter you can indicate that you will make a follow-up with a phone call prior to the agreed date.
  5. Do the follow up- Expect to be put through when you make a call. Have a positive mindset when you call.
  6. Be persistent but not a pest- If you are not successful after 4-5 attempts to speak to the contact, drop it.
  7. Do what you say –When you get the appointment, don’t turn the meeting into a sales pitch. Just focus on getting the relationship off to a great start by building  rapport. It is okay, to give them an introduction to your business and to share some exciting things you are doing, but make it easy, and interesting.
  8. Thank you follow up-Thank them and agree on the best way to keep in touch. Connect with them on LinkedIn. Keep in touch as agreed, build the relationship and you’ll have new opportunities to tell them more about your business developments.