• Make Technology your friend, and get active with smart phones, Ipads etc to get your message to your clients.
    • Be more proactive with your clients-don’t wait for your clients to come to you with questions or needs. Reach out to your customers regularly to advise them of the new products or to offer them tips about improving their business.
    • Be a hunter-aggressively going after new business is very essential for growth and survival, it keeps you fresh
    • Be social with your media-Network with everyone through Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social networks.
    • Be a big brother or Sister-mentor someone who shows promise in your organization, and teach them your skills. Growing new sales people helps to grow your company and it makes you a better person.
    • See the future-don’t live every moment in the now. Some sales require a lot of planning and foresight, and you may need to project yourself forward to understand how to close the sale and what the repercussion are if you win or lose the sale case.
    • Give credit where it is due-If you get assistance from co-worker, associates or anyone else that helps you to close the sale, mention them by name and honor that person or team that helped you. Knowing how to close a sale is one thing, but getting it closed often is dependent upon support from others.
    • Know your limitations-sometimes a sale cannot be won overnight and in some cases, selling a case requires additional resources-people, information etc. Learn to analyze the situation, set your pride aside, and consider the available options you have to close the sale, even if it takes a while longer than you wish.
    • Be honorable, ethical and trustworthy- A person who holds true to character traits that lead to personal integrity can rest easy at night when the day’s business is done.
    • Bank your chips-living everyday as if it is your best paycheck leads to bankruptcy, learn to do more with less. Sometime the cycle between feast and famine can stretch out longer than you plan. Always make sure that you pay yourself first and the lean times will take care of themselves.