Traits of successful digital sales professionals

Nowadays, successful sales marketers don’t rely on old selling techniques, but  have impressed technology in their selling strategies to keep up with the ever-changing digital world as well as the marketing industry. So, if you want to be a successful digital sales person, what do you consider?

Below are just but some of the traits these digital sales persons should portray:

  • They follow-up on or engage suitable contacts proactively –A sales person should reach out to a suitable contact who is engaged with your content so that he/she can arrange for future meetings. A personal follow-up will show your contact that there is a human on the other end of the content.
  • They help their customers with digital navigation –Effective sales person will help their prospects navigate through the bad information and arrive at the content best suited for them.
  • They provide answers, make follow ups on the content downloaded, and maintain responsiveness –Once you have qualified a contact as suitable for what you offer, make sure that every touch point is an opportunity to build and nurture a relationship.
  • They listen –A successful sales person is an active and engaged listener. In this digital age, every sales person should maintain an online check on their customers needs and goals through their online presence.
  • They leverage content and engage in personal communication to nurture relationships –Before digital age, sales people would send handwritten personal notes to thank the prospect for the appointment or for sales close.  Nowadays, this is can be done through emails. You can email your prospect an article to keep in touch, besides this, best digital sales professional maintain active media feeds with good content on their industry. Even prospects can make follow-up to stay-up-date on the latest offerings. Lastly you can do personalized engagement communication addressing a specific need via these digital tools.
  • They offer a trustworthy point of contact –A sales person, can build trust in this digital age, by being open and honest about the solutions that you can provide. These includes and not limited to providing the right content, and speaking openly and transparently about your offerings.
  • They close sales –We have more sales closing in this digital age than in the pre-digital age. A great sales person must work well to position the benefits of their company’s offering and how it solves  the customer problems. This means articulating your value proposition over your competitor’s and positioning your firm for a sales win.