Common mistakes that most job seekers make

Sometimes the simplest matters can make all the difference in a potential job opportunity. If you one of the  job seekers, these simple mistakes can get a potential employer turned off.

  • Failure to follow the employer’s directions on how to apply – By following the employer’s requested application methods, you brand yourself as cooperative person who can follow directions. Send a mail if asked to, and not phone calls.
  • Sending resumes or cover letters with typos – Typos brand you as a careless person who didn’t take the time to proof read your resume and cover letter. Employers judge the quality of your future work, by the quality of the documents that introduce you. Many managers use typos as a screen to eliminate candidates from contention.
  • Failure to send a customized cover letter with the resume – A customized cover letter does not mean changing the first paragraph to mention the employer’s name. It means drawing the employer’s attention, point by point, to how well your credentials match the employer’s stated needs. Connect the dots for the employer and you’ll likely get a call for an interview. Learn how well to write a cover letter. job seekers
  • Stating what you did and not what you accomplished – Do you state on your resume that you answer phone calls, and run the photocopy machine at your place of employment? Does the employer care? Not likely. The employer wants to know that you improved customer service by 120% percent. The descriptions on your resume must focus on accomplishments-you were promoted three times in five years and make sure you label the bullet points as accomplishments or key achievements.
  • Exhibiting problems with grammar and sentence construction – Application materials that demonstrate you are challenged to produce a complete sentence won’t serve you well. If you can’t write well, grammatical errors are noticed. You lack attention to detail. Your ability to interact with customers is limited by your skills. Is this the message you are trying to sent to your potential employer? I don’t think so,  remember when the employer stumbles over your mistakes, they rule you out.

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  • Applying for jobs for which you are a way overqualified  or under-qualified – The employer has described the skills and experiences required for the position. A job description and a salary range exist. You are a way overqualified, or under-qualified, you still waste your time applying. You have wasted the employer’s time too!

Author: John Mulindi

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