Reasons why I consider Continuous learning as a Key Factor in Personal Growth

Continuous learning is a key aspect of our personal development especially in the current computer age where there is an ever-changing technology. Continuous learning is the urge to acquire knowledge and skills in preparation for your future opportunities.

I have always aspired to pursue more learning to gain a deeper understanding of say a given subject or gain more skills in my profession. I believe for us to better keep up with the latest trends in our various industries, we need to keep on learning.

Education shouldn’t be a one life event whereby once you have completed and gained a certification, you stop but it should be considered as a lifelong process of personal growth.

I get inspired by great minds the likes of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates who in spite of their great success in life, they still  pursue more knowledge. They view learning as the best investment of our time.

Why I consider Continuous learning as a Key Factor in Personal Growth

Some of the reasons I continue to learn, and will even do it more in future are:

  • With my continued learning, am able to improve my profile and hence my employability. This enables me get prepared well for future job opportunities and also I can easily get recommendations for new jobs.
  • Am also able to gain leadership skills. Continuous learning helps me develop my leadership skills which are the keys to succeeding in life and career. For example with good leadership skills you are able to manage people under you effectively for better results.
  • As indicated in the introduction, continuous learning also helps me remain relevant. To keep with ever-changing technology, I read to remain updated and informed with current trends in my industry.

How I do it

When you are open-minded, and curious it is easier for you to seek new knowledge or take in different opinion say on a given subject.

So I do I go about learning continuously?

  • Most of the time, I learn new things by doing research.
  • I also frequently write on topics related to my profession or industry and share it with my audience, say on LinkedIn or Facebook Groups related to that subject. This way I am able to keep learning new ideas while at the same time, sharing the knowledge with other people.
  • I do frequently register for trainings online at various websites that offers trainings that I see fit for my career development. We have many companies offering such a courses that you can register online and improve your skill set or gain new skills, example of such a firm is Kaplan.
  • I do participate in group discussions on social media networks.
  • Lastly I read articles online, listen to podcasts, and watch YouTube Videos.

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How do you keep on pursuing learning? Feel free to share your ideas in the comment section below. #AFutureYouCanCountOn

Author: John Mulindi

John is very passionate about Digital marketing. He blogs on topics ranging from Social Media marketing, Search Engine optimization, Internet Marketing, Email Marketing, to Personal Development. In free time he likes watching Football, Reading, Listening to music and taking Nature walks.

8 thoughts on “Reasons why I consider Continuous learning as a Key Factor in Personal Growth”

  1. oooh this surely a pretty good view towards continuous learning.Learning doesn’t stop, it does go on and on.It shouldn’t be all about certificates and then you are done, long as you are living you have to keep on piling and collecting knowledge in different kinds of areas of your interest..learning is not just a school thing and then it’s done,’s continuous and should always be enjoyed as it surely gives satisfaction out of feeling confident and well versed and read in so and so area. It’s pretty amazing, thanks John.

  2. Hi John,
    I’m a big believer in continuous learning.
    Enjoyed reading this post and thanks for sharing the differentials ways you seek to add to your knowledge.

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