The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Funding a Small Business

Entrepreneurs have the capability to identify the potential of a product or invention and pull together the capital, talent, and other resources to transform these ideas into commercially worthwhile innovations. They have the determination, belief and creative vision to develop, … Read More

3 Tips that can make your Business Soar

3 Tips that can make your business soar

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These days, everyone seems to be looking for that silver bullet to riches. Unfortunately, those simply don’t exist. The truth of the matter is that to make it to become uber successful, you’re going to … Read More

Top Tips to Identify Your Business USP

Recently we came across an infographic by that discusses the importance of identifying a business’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition), especially if you are looking to sell. This got us thinking of the key things you should consider when identifying … Read More

Benefits of using an offshore company

Most people, media included paint offshore accounts as harbors where only people with shady businesses stack up their cash. In the previous years, most people who used offshore accounts did so in incognito mode i.e. with fake IDs and profile … Read More

The best Tool to help you calculate the costs of your Business Loan

Digital online tools are a huge aid when you’re on the fence about whether you can afford a small business loan. There’s no reason to put off taking a peek and evaluate if you can add a  monthly payment … Read More

15 Crazy online Marketing Trends Business Owners should know about

As 2018 enters the third quarter, online marketing strategies are witnessing phenomenal changes that businesses can no longer ignore.  

Traditional online marketing tactics are giving way to new trends that are much more advanced and even crazy at times. There … Read More

7 Important Steps to Startup Small Business

Startup Small business

Many people harbour dreams of starting their own enterprise and though they may be possessing sufficient knowledge about their domain, what they lack is an awareness about the approach to transform their dream into reality. A basic guide listing steps … Read More

5 Types of Equity Financing for Small Business

For any small business, injections of capital can become a great necessity, especially when it comes to emergencies, growth or important purchases. When most business owners think of funding, the first methods that come to mind tend to be credit … Read More

10 Simple things that will lead to Success in Your Business

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Types of Businesses you can start as an Entrepreneur

The following are some of  the different types of businesses that you can start as an entrepreneur.

Types of Businesses you can start as an entrepreneur

Sole Proprietorship

The simplest type of business is a sole proprietorship. This is started by one individual. Sole proprietorship have the least amount … Read More