The guidelines to building your website

Now you have put in plans to set up a business, the next thing that comes to your mind is to have a website for your venture. At this point you aren’t sure how you are going to build your website to reflect what your business offers. Here you are going to get the tips that will guide you to build the best website for your business.

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You can have basic 5 pages for a start; these are:

  • Home Page
  • Promotional Landing page
  • About Page
  • Products & Services Page
  • Blog Page

Guidelines to building a good website


The Homepage is  very important because it is often the first page many site visitors see. Your home page must sell what your business is, what it’s about and who it’s for. It must represent your brand. Your Homepage needs 3 elements to do this:

  • Tagline -This tagline must sum up what your business does for your community in one or two sentences. This is like your mission but make sure your focus more on the customer when writing this.
  • Testimonials -They must be about your brand.
  • Images – Use images of what your ideal customer looks like while or after using your product or gift. If you are promoting something on men then have men, likewise for women.

The Homepage must also focus on what you want as a business i.e. Registrations. For this reason, the homepage needs to highlight a free gift you are going to be giving your followers in exchange for their name and email. The most successful technique for getting someone to register is to give him or her something of value in exchange for their registration data.

The Homepage also needs a registration or data capture component. Don’t tell your viewers about your great free gift and then make them leave the page to get it. Put a registration form right next to your free gift promotion. Make it simple for your viewer to join your community. Your free gift isn’t your brand. Your free gift is an extension of your brand.

The About page

The about page is the second most visited page on a website, especially a website of a newer unknown brand, for this reason take this page seriously.

The purpose of this page is to tell the viewer a little about your company. Do not fall into the trap that the viewer actually cares, write as if you are telling the customer what you can do for them and how you came to be their best solution. If you decide to write about the founder’s birthplace and social life then you are going to quickly lose potential customer.

Always be selling the customer about what you can do for them-even on your about page. Talk about your mission or your ”why”. Talk about your mission or your passion. The passion translates into your being the best and always reiterate your tagline that sums up what your business does for your community in one or two sentences.

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Promotion landing page

This is the most beautiful of all the pages. It is also the simplest of pages. It completely follows, the ‘solve only’ one problem at a time with one solution rule.

This page has zero external links. There is no link to the homepage, the about page or any page. There is no choice to do anything but to register. There is a picture of your free gift, a list of why your viewer needs your free gift and a registration form that must be filled out in order to get your free gift. The only things you can add are testimonials, a list of features and benefits.

This is the simplest and most successful page you’ll create. There are no distractions and there is nothing to delay a decision. Just simple transaction; gives us your data and we’ll reward you with a gift. Your viewer gets the gift or they leave. Later when you begin to advertise your free gift to the world in order to grow your database, this will be the page you place the Ad.

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Blog page

Your blog page has one purpose: Attract people to your site. This means Google or other search engines will see your blogs and offer it to people looking to learn about simple topics.

Write your blogs using Keywords, Terms and Phrases that your ideal customer would type into a Google search bar when google sees that, your blogs are using the same terms as your ideal customer is using, then Google will show your blog to your ideal customer. It is free advertising.
Since a lot of people who are new to your site will becoming to your blog page, wouldn’t it be a great idea to place a banner on your page promoting your free gift.  Offer a way for the users to share information like Email, Facebook, Twitter this is like free marketing for you.

Products and services page

This is the least important page. Your website purpose is to capture data. You do this through your free gift and your blogs. Your Homepage and your about page just need to keep the viewer around in case your first attempt to get the viewer data doesn’t work.

Your website’s purpose to most people’s confusion is not sell products. Digital marketers know that emails sell, not websites. Websites get you the emails. For this reason, you can place the product and services page behind the veil i.e. the contents on the page are only accessible after registration.

Capturing data

Creating a free e-book– This is the best free gift you can give to your customer.  This can prove to your customer that you know what you are talking about. When you are writing, you are sharing and that can turn into a real bond. Books often create the best, most loyal customers.

How to strengthen your brand

Once a customer registers, they are automatically, placed into a drip campaign. A drip campaign automatically sends your community emails that you have pre-written. e.g. After 3 days you can send them a valuable content rich email

These drip emails sell nothing, but deliver high quality information. They should explain what makes you knowledgeable and an expert.

Continue to send drip emails 3-4 times each with a new message, make sure each emails uses responsive design so it can be displayed properly on smartphones. By the time the drip campaign is done, your readers should think of you as an expert and a friend.

After the drip campaign is done, send your new friends an email, every time you create a new blog like weekly or after 2 weeks. Keep this emails short, give a summary of your blog and a link to read the blog and as with the blogs make sure every email reminds the readers to share with their friends.

Monetize and fund growth

You sell by sending everyone in your database an email educating them of the product and its benefits. In each email be sure to still provide value by teaching something, don’t just sell treat them as friends too.
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