How to have a successful blog

When you are just a newbie blogger, you might get discouraged due to low traffic to your blog, or no conversions on the goods and services you are promoting on your blog. To have a successful blog, you have to put in enough effort and work smart.

It usually takes time for you to be a professional blogger. Therefore be patient, work on your blogging skills, make sure you have good content, and find a mentor to avoid mistakes that most bloggers make. keys to a successful blogging

The following techniques will help you be successful in blogging.

    • Think and act business – When you work with a shared, free blog hosting, like WordPress you just see yourself as a blogger. But  you should start to look beyond that mindset and start to become a business person. Many successful internet entrepreneurs have a unique thinking pattern. These entrepreneurs see their website or blog as an indispensable part of their company. Most of these individuals came from offline business backgrounds. When they came online and began blogging they still maintained the same thoughts they had earlier as if they were selling physical products.  See yourself as a real person who is running a real business in the real world not just as a blogger. Note that they are a number of limitations associated with being a blogger however, a skilled business person is able to deal with any kind of problem. You should not just be a blogger who writes articles expecting nothing in return, but be a problem solver when faced with challenges. Besides being a blogger, become an organizer, a manager, an investor, and an action taker.
    • Write catchy titles – If you write a catchy headline, there are chances that when you publish your posts, there is a high chance that people will share, comment and assist you in distributing your information. Make sure you write articles that have content and good. You can build on this by reading other popular blogs to get information on what makes them attractive to large audience. If you write catchy headlines, your audience will be captivated even before they open the articles.
    • Find a mentor – If you have a mentor, he/she can help you avoid errors and guide you every step of the way toward achieving your objectives. Ensure that you have a well written objective that is realistic before you approach a mentor seeking advice or help on a give topic.
    • Refrain from reading every blog – There are thousands of blogs. If you are not carefully, you can be distracted by them. If you want to be successful in blogging, choose  a few blogs that have similar niche to yours. Make sure these blogs can teach you practical tricks to making money, becoming an influencing blogger in the niche of your choice, and how to drive traffic to your blog.
    • Educate yourself in marketing – Learn marketing by reading successful blogs in your niche, eBooks, Audio books, e-courses, hard copy books etc. To be successful in blogging it is essential you read everything that you think is helpful in honing your skills.
    • Join a blogging movement – This is a group of individuals who are already successful blogging. You can gain knowledge quicker when you are spending time with individuals who have failed and bounced back to become better and stronger. In life, you will fail several times to become successful, when you fail, learn from your mistakes.  Plan to attend seminars, conferences, workshops or webinars organized by these guys.
    •  Concentrate more on marketing your blog than writing – Marketing is what will make your blog known. You need to fully commit yourself to marketing. Even if you have good content on your blog, it won’t make sense, if the right people don’t read. Therefore don’t just spend your time writing good content but take sometime to let your blog be known to the right readers.

Bottom line 

What is important here is that you should get people who can act like mentors to you, who will help you a long the path. It is impossible to succeed online if you are working in isolation. In order to succeed as a blogger you will need the help of other people on the way.

All the best.

Author: John Mulindi

John is very passionate about Digital marketing. He blogs on topics ranging from Social Media marketing, Search Engine optimization, Internet Marketing, Email Marketing, to Personal Development. In free time he likes watching Football, Reading, Listening to music and taking Nature walks.

4 thoughts on “How to have a successful blog”

  1. Marketing your blog is so important as you rightly say. No point having brilliant content if nobody ever reads it. We’re told content is king but good content on its own is simply not enough.

    1. Hi Linda, True, I think that is where most online content creators make a big mistake. Promotion is one of the keys to having success online besides having quality content. So the two go hand in hand, If you leave one out, then it can lead to failure.

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