5 ways to write catchy headlines that get read

Are you getting the desired results from your content? Is your content getting more shares on social media like Facebook or recommendations from your audience? These are some of the important questions you need to ask yourself with regard to the content you write and publish on your blog. You need to find out how you can create catchy headlines that will compel your audience to want to know more from your articles.

A catchy headline will get the reader’s attention straight away and compel them to read more. Writing clear, concise and original content is important but words that appeal to your audience emotions is the magic ingredient that gives your visitors a reason to want to dive deeper. When you are writing your content try to your level best to let your readers know from the go, what the topic is all about. Don’t trick people into reading a blog post that is completely different. Having content that is focused on your audience, with headlines that are short, and blended with numbers & statistics is a sure way to increasing content engagements or interactions. 5 ways to write catchy headlines that get read

We have several ways you can capture more readers as discussed below:

Ask questions

Asking your audience’s opinion will engage them in the content and provide valuable insights that you can even use in your business. Note that people like sharing their opinions on any given topic, that is why polls are very common nowadays. You can ask questions like:

” Can you share…”
” What will happen if …”

Give them a good reason why they should they should read your article

A simple phrase, ” read this” won’t generate much response from your audience. Instead, provide a specific number and why. For example:

Improve common phrases with uncommon words

Some phrases are so common that if you use them, they may appear as spam. Some of them include:

” Make your first million”

” Start your business today”

” Be financially free ”

Instead of writing as in the above examples, you can incorporate uncommon words to make your headlines unique like:

”These sales statistics will make you shocked”

”This will change your weight completely”

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Provide a deadline or timeline

People will want to find out more about a given event when they read a specific date. This can work for a historical reference as well as something coming in the future. By providing a deadline, they will likely read about why they should take an action e.g.

” Do this by…”

” Get these notes before..”
Keep your headlines simple

Don’t use many words in your headlines, instead choose a clear, concise and simple description that your audience will understand. You also need to consider your audience who uses mobile devices. For example:

”This is why you need to keep fit”

Bottom Line

These are simple guidelines that any person can apply when writing their content. You can start incorporating some of these tips in your blog posts, and you will see more interactions on your content. Do you know of more tips on writing catchy headlines ? share them in the comments section below.
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Author: John Mulindi

John is very passionate about Digital marketing. He blogs on topics ranging from Social Media marketing, Search Engine optimization, Internet Marketing, Email Marketing, to Personal Development. In free time he likes watching Football, Reading, Listening to music and taking Nature walks.

116 thoughts on “5 ways to write catchy headlines that get read”

  1. Awesome article. I have been reading your blogs lately and I must say your articles are simple, concise and on point. I like how you said a catchy headline will get the reader’s attention straight away and compel them to read more. Writing clear, concise and original content is important but words that appeal to your audience emotions is the magic ingredient that gives your visitors a reason to want to dive deeper.

    Angela Giles | http://www.angelagiles.com

  2. Hi John,
    Thanks for sharing these tips. I find it difficult getting people to engage with me on my posts. I ask questions, invite people to share their experiences and other things but comments seem to be like gold dust! 😊
    Popped over from Janice Walden’s Spring blog party.

    1. Hi Ladycee, I think you should join Bloggers groups and Tribes to have more engagements on your blog, that is the only better way to increase it. First in this groups, you need to help other bloggers by commenting on their blogs, they will definitely comment or share your blog in return. Thanks for visiting.

      1. Hi John,
        Thanks for the tip. If you mean if I join bloggers groups and tribes that’s no problem. I regularly comment on the blogs of others. Are the groups/tribes on Facebook then?

  3. This is a great post with really good insight into why some headlines just won’t get you the traffic you need. I’m often attracted to titles similar to the examples in the post so it makes so much sense and reads easy. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi, I think you didn’t get the context, You indicate the deadline to your readers, so that they remember to catch up, before the due date.

  4. Effective stuff! People tend to be curious if you put something like those examples in your headline. It’s some kind of a clickbait, only it’s true!

  5. Hi John!

    Great read again, I keep forgetting to add a deadline so I must keep this in mind in future. I’m really starting to get the hang of brainstorming headlines but it can take forever sometimes and the long tail keywords can be a bit of a challenge!


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