8 Simple Ways to Grow your Blog with Twitter

Most bloggers put more focus on other social media networks like Facebook and Pinterest to drive big part of traffic to their blogs while leaving out Twitter. Little focus is put on Twitter, because most bloggers believe that it isn’t a great tool to grow their blogs. Just like any other social networks, you can grow your blog with Twitter, only if you have a good strategy on how you are going to use it in your social media marketing. In this post we look at simple ways that any person can use to leverage the power of Twitter to grow their blogs or business.

Use a Profile Image and Header Image Effectively

When one visits your account, the first thing they come in contact with is the profile image and header or cover image. Remember the first  impression you create says everything about you. If you have no profile image, then this may project you in a negative way. Post a good professional profile picture that depicts  you in a positive way, and try the best you can to use the same image for all your social accounts, so that people can easily identify with you. Your header image should communicate what your blog /business is about or what you want people to do. This could be something like, brief description of your business/website, or asking people to join your Newsletter list or access your free internet marketing E-book etc.

Simple ways to grow your blog with Twitter

Write a full description in Your Bio

This is where you write a brief description of what you do and how you can help others. Fill out your profile description with your interests in hashtags. This makes it easy for people to find you on Twitter, and they will know you are someone worth following. For example if you are a social media consultant, you can describe yourself as, “#Socialmediaconsultant” in your bio.  You can also include your location, and a link to your website or blog, or landing page etc.

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Use Hashtags in Your Tweets

Find out the top hashtags in your niche, and use them effectively when you are writing and sharing tweets. You can be amazed by how these hashtags can amplify your content reach to even a larger audience.

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Share content from other Twitter users 

In most cases, when you share other people’s content, they will likely share your content especially if it is in the same niche as theirs.

Use your Pinned Tweet Effectively

You are allowed to Pin one tweet that is constantly at the top of your profile. This is an opportunity you need to use in the best way possible. Find the best performing tweet and pin it or alternatively if you are selling products online, you can use this space to advertise your products, by pinning your offerings.

Create and Utilize Twitter lists

Twitter lists is a great tool that helps you to keep people who you want to interact with on a daily or weekly basis organized. You can easily find these people by looking at your lists, and then making re-tweets, liking their tweets or even sending them direct messages where necessary. This helps you to avoid wasting time trying to find people all over Twitter. To find Twitter lists, click on the right hand side of your profile picture. Here you have an opportunity to create a new list with a name and a short description. You have also an option to make it public or private. You can start building a list just by adding people who re-tweeted, or liked your tweets. To do this, visit their profile page and click the three little dots next to the ”follow button.” Then click “add or remove from lists.” In fact when you add people to lists, they are likely to follow you so in essence, this is a great way of growing your followers on Twitter.

Be active, and engage with your Followers

On daily basis try as much as possible to re-tweet or like tweets especially from your followers. Once in a while follow new accounts for more content in your feed and also you can get more followers, when you follow others. All these simple tasks helps you to remain active on Twitter.

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Participate in Twitter Chats

When you participate in Twitter Chats, you get to know more people, and this helps market your blog or business. You can also make new connections with other bloggers in your niche or even in other niches.

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Bottom Line

You need to have a strategy to effectively get best results on Twitter. I have found that when you put in place a plan on how to use these social media networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter, StumbleUpon, you will be amazed by how much traffic they can drive to your site. Many people get it wrong, when they do it without a plan, then end up getting frustrated with little to no results in terms of traffic or engagements. To succeed on any social media platform, all you need is to have a plan, and work the plan.


Author: John Mulindi

John is very passionate about Digital marketing. He blogs on topics ranging from Social Media marketing, Search Engine optimization, Internet Marketing, Email Marketing, to Personal Development. In free time he likes watching Football, Reading, Listening to music and taking Nature walks.

93 thoughts on “8 Simple Ways to Grow your Blog with Twitter”

  1. This is really helpful post! When I first started using Twitter I didn’t understand many things, like hash tags, tweet or retweets. But I learned quickly, while I am using it. I still don’t understand Twitter Lists, but after I read your content I will work on it. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Wow! You provided great resources to utilizing Twitter to the fullest. I never knew about creating lists and the perks of it! Will be trying this out. thank you!

  3. Just learned something new from your post! I never looked into the twitter lists feature, that’s such a great idea. than you!

  4. I had overlooked the power and use of twitter. Thanks for highlighting through this article. A must read article for new and aspiring bloggers. Thanks

  5. Great tips here, I wasn’t aware of the twitter lists so I am going to give them a go. Thank you #globalblogging

  6. Great post. I absolutely agree with your suggestions about using hashtags on twitter. That is a powerful way of growing followership on the platform.

  7. Hi John , good actionable tips. I have just started twitter account and whenever I open it, I feel lost. I will definitely apply these techniques to twitter. thanks

  8. Twitter has always been a tricky one for many bloggers or businesses to grow their audience. The post has helpful tips that can be of help to many people. Growing an audience online takes time and resources and that is the reason, we at http://www.bestsocialshare.com thrive on helping social media marketers buy Instagram followers cheap. We help you establish your online audience quick.

    1. Hi, thanks for dropping by. Is just like any other chat. You can simply search for them on Twitter in your niche or can be invited by fellow bloggers to join. They are usually planned in advance and have # tags. When you join them, your tweets can be tracked by #tags referencing the Chat. Topics are chosen for a particular discussion on that given day and you can contribute.

  9. Thank you so much for sharin this amount of valuable info regarding Twitter! Very timely for me as I am just starting out with my blog. Best, Alenka

  10. Hi John,

    I guess the key takeaway in this post is to engage with your followers on twitter. It’s a micro blogging site where the chances of getting invisible is fast. The more you engage with followers, the better chances of getting your tweets seen.

    1. Hi Arfa, yes, Twitter appears challenging to many people to drive traffic but if they can make an extra effort by engaging with their followers, they can be amazed with the kind of engagement they can get.

  11. I am currently not getting a lot of traffic from Twitter, I will be taking a closer look at this post while trying to improve that! I think the idea of implementing lists is a great idea that I’m definitely going to try! Thanks!

  12. This was a great read for me. I am currently on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and just started using StumbleUpon. I haven’t ventured into Twitter yet.

  13. Great tips! I’ve had some pretty good success with Twitter, but I will definitely try a few of these things out that I wasn’t doing. And, I’ll tweet this out!

    1. Twitter if used effectively can generate traffic unfortunately most people don’t consider it that important especially when it comes to driving traffic to websites or blogs.

  14. Since I became active on Twitter through hashtags especially, I have seen tremendous growth of traffic into my blog from fellow bloggers and lovers of what I write about. Twitter is indeed an awesome blogging tool.

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