Reasons Why Security Ninja is the Best Tool to Keep Your Website Safe

Protecting your site is a very important factor especially in this era where we face enormous threats posed by hackers online. WordPress powers more than 25% of all websites in the world. Because of its high popularity, hackers and spammers work every day to break the Security of WordPress powered sites. For this reason, WordPress security is an important factor that every website or blog owner should put as one of his or her top priorities to prevent site attacks.

Security Ninja

To help prevent these threats, some of the best developers in the world have created Security Ninja. This is a WordPress Security Plugin designed to help prevent attacks against websites. Generally Security Plugins perform several functions that include:

  • Control of access
  • Spam Protection
  • Login Security
  • Email Protection
  • Content Theft Protection
  • Prevent attacks
  • Identify threats through malware scanning and Fixes
  • Provides Firewall

Security Ninja is the best plugin I recommend to help you keep your site safe. It has been in use for over 7 years at the writing of this post, and over this period of time, it has helped protect thousands of websites in the world against attacks. We have a Security Ninja Free Version and also Security Ninja PRO

The Security Ninja Free Version has some amazing features and functions designed to keep your site safe. Some of the functions that stand out for me on free Security Ninja are:

  • Perform more than 50 security tests by just clicking a button.
  • The plugin does not make any changes to your site.
  • Take preventive measures against attacks and prevent 0-day exploit attacks.
  • Able to perform Tests like brute force attack on user accounts to test password strength, debug & auto-update modes test, database configuration tests, and numerous installation parameters tests.
  • Apache and PHP related posts.
  • You are also able to optimize and speed up your database.
  • Every test is explained, documented and you can get instructions on how to fix issues.

From the above listed functions, you can count on the Security Ninja to keep your website/blog protected just by installing it. The security plugin can easily be found in the WordPress plugins, simply go to ”add new plugins”, search for Security Ninja, then install and activate it or you can download it here.

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If you want to completely keep your site safe, then Security Ninja PRO is the best choice for you. With this Premium Plugin, you take your site protection to another high level with additional functions that don’t come with the free version. Some of these additional premium functions include:

  • Core Scanner
  • Malware Scanner
  • Cloud Firewall
  • Events Logger
  • Scheduled Scanner
  • Database Optimizer
  • The ability to check your site for malware or attacks and take immediate measures.

For a good understanding of the Security Ninja PRO, you can watch this video explaining the features and functions: These additional features come with premium support and continuous updates. Security Ninja PRO is the ultimate tool to keep your site safe. If you have a business website or you are a professional blogger, you definitely need this Premium Tool. You can get the full details on Security Ninja Pro here.


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