The Impact of Videos on Digital Marketing

The changing marketing landscape has radically changed the business marketing strategies. With the growing numbers of internet users, companies are more focused towards persuasive messages, which take lesser consumer time and make a stronger impact on the mind of the potential customers. According to the Hub Spot Report, approximately 69% of the users are attracted to the website via video marketing. Therefore, leading digital marketing services in the USA are providing video marketing services to their clients to reach out to millions of people as well as increase their revenue stream.

There is no denial in this fact that in this technological-savvy world, online audiences are bombarded with so much information. It has significantly reduced the consumer attention. Hence, companies are trying to design a compelling marketing scheme which addresses this issue as well as lure customer attraction. Video marketing is the perfect answer to this very query. Marketers posted the relevant and creative videos on the online platforms such as social media channels to engage potential customers. Also, this technique can be used to create awareness among the likely consumers as well as establish brand loyalty. Precisely, video marketing has a profound impact on attracting and retaining potential customers. It helps in increasing customer engagement which positively impacts return on investment of the company.

Let’s shed some light on the importance of video marketing and how it is impacting online businesses.The Role of Videos on Digital Marketing

Educate Your Audience

Video marketing helps the companies in educating the potential customers as well as creating awareness among them. It is a critical tool in marketing as it not only helps the businesses in educating the audience but also generates valuable leads for the business, which optimizes the business profit.

Compelling Call-to-Action Content 

With the help of compelling call-to-action messages, companies can target their potential customers and help them in converting into a successful lead generation. Video marketing with compelling and persuasive messages makes a long-lasting impact on the customer’s mind. Hence, customers remember their ads, which ultimately help them in making a purchasing decision that favors company revenue streams.

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SEO Optimized Content  

SEO Services in the USA helps companies in projecting compelling call to action messages. It helps in engaging potential customers and also converting them into successful lead generation. SEO services helps companies in optimizing their content, which allows them, to rank higher in SERPs.

The impact of videos on digital marketing

Increasing ROI

The video marketing takes lesser time and results in higher engagement rate. It is advisable to be precise and on point while making the videos to lure customer attraction. It helps in converting the potential customers into successful lead generation, and the resultant reason for increasing return on investment in the company. The higher customer engagement leads to the higher return on investment.


In summary, video marketing is an innovative marketing technique used by the digital marketers to spread awareness as well as brand recognition among the potential customers. IPS USA is a digital marketing agency providing online marketing as well as web development services to its valued clientele.   


Author: John Mulindi

John is very passionate about Digital marketing. He blogs on topics ranging from Social Media marketing, Search Engine optimization, Internet Marketing, Email Marketing, to Personal Development. In free time he likes watching Football, Reading, Listening to music and taking Nature walks.

21 thoughts on “The Impact of Videos on Digital Marketing”

  1. I do agree that video is the big push now for social media. I am in the process of creating several videos to share on my blog and via social media channels like YouTube.

  2. I am saving this post. Literally just said to my husband that I need to get back to doing video. It is a great way to improve your “know you, like you, trust you” factor. I’m just never sure where I should be doing them… With the coming changes to IG and FB is it still going to be advantageous to do live videos there? Should video go straight to You Tube and then be shared on other platforms? Videos can be time consuming, so it’s good to know where the best bang for your buck lies.

    1. Hi, thanks for your insightful feedback. I think it is best to use YouTube if you have subscribers there for live videos but Facebook works well for live videos especially if you have many followers as they will be notified of your videos.

  3. As digital marketers, we usually are so busy with the future intelligence and in some abstract concept, in this future intelligence, I would say the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tool as video. Your article has surely enhanced the role and effectiveness of digital marketing services and its impact on marketing, If we follow this benefits then it will surely boost the online presence.

  4. Once again John you’re helping entrepreneurs with cutting edge advice for the future. And of course you made this captivating statement, “The video marketing takes lesser time and results in higher engagement rate.” Who can argue with that? The points you make are so influential, I believe I’ll be starting up a YouTube channel soo… Please continue with your great teaching articles!

  5. I’ve always known that video marketing is an innovative marketing technique that all digital marketers and entrepreneurs need to use to spread awareness and reach their target audience.

    But, somehow, I’ve been reluctant to venture into video creation. I feel comfortable writing blog posts and social media content. I know very soon, I’ll be pushed out of my comfort zone.

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