5 Ways Instagram influencers can help you grow your brand

Do you know how human psychology works? You connect with people and their stories, you sympathize with people facing similar situations and then, you tend to follow the same plan of action as they do. It’s probably the reason why Influencers work in the modern world.

Social media influencers, to be specific, are people willing to talk about things that matter to them, create an impact in industries ranging from fashion to music or design and set out on a goal to reach as many people as possible. And, the well established influencers have thousands of followers who are waiting to hear from the one person that they look up to.

This is probably why Brands value Social media influencers. If an influencer endorses your product, it increases the chances of their followers buying the same. Considering how Brands paid more than 1 billion dollars for influencer campaigns in 2017, the business is growing at a very fast pace.

So, in case you are starting out or looking for the influencer impact, here are 5 ways in which an influencer can help you grow your brand –

1)    Quick eye-grab

Instagram has a variety of features that are made to benefit producers and sellers. Earlier, it was posting pictures and then videos too. Now, they have stories which are a miniature version of a Live stream of sorts. Influencers are always active and have thousands of followers tracking their stories and posts. Tie-ups with these influencers mean having better outreach via smart images, interesting and fun graphics and life stories that link to your brand in an organic way. For example – They could be relaxing on a Beach chair and posting stories, promoting your beverage brand that adorns on the side table.

5 ways Instagram influencers can help you grow your brand

2)    Engagement with different audiences

When one thinks of an influencer, it’s not just one person or one genre that comes to their minds. There are travel Influencers, fashion Influencers, food influencers and so many more. So it is via these influencers you can reach the different audiences that these different influencers connect to. Instead of hiring one big celebrity, micro-manage and get the word out. For example, if you have a Hotel, you could use Travel, food and design influencers to talk about it. This allows you to engage and reach various audiences, all at once. In fact, micro influencers have a 6% engagement rate as compared to the normal 1.6% of usually hired celebrities.

3)    Better Content

Instagram influencers, the good and famous ones, they are a success because of their creativity and originality. They think and see things differently and work towards posting things that people would connect to at first glance. So, dealing with Instagram influencers and allowing them to develop innovative content for your Brand can generate a lot of good videos or images. You could give them the basic tagline and ground rules and allow them to decide what fits for their audience. For example, a Mercedes-Benz campaign had a food influencer deciding to drive the car around, collecting ingredients and posting about it. Another influencer chose to click an image of the car with a Siberian husky in the winter outdoors, considering he was a travel influencer. Both campaigns were original, different and had a combined mega reach of 2.3 million likes and comments.

4)    Brand promotion via hashtags

Hashtags are almost mandatory to every Instagram post these days. Not only do they allow posts to come up on searches but link similar posts in one broad category. As a Brand, you could have your own Hashtag developed, make it exclusive and have influencers use it in their posts or stories. They could have a banner of your hashtag as a background during podcasts. For example, if you are a brand sponsoring a public event, your influencer can attend the same and post a picture of your hashtag painted on their arm, or as a temporary one day tattoo. Hashtags increase the probability of your brand being discovered and of becoming the latest ‘trend’ on the internet.

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5)    Visibility via contests and giveaways

As a Brand, especially as a new establishment, having discounts or promotions via contests is not something new. One usually sends out emails or posts banners about it. However, the best option would be having these influencers run it for you or at least talk about it. For example, if you are a fitness protein powder company, you could create a banner boasting discounts on products and give each influencer a special discount code to pass on to their audience. This increases your brand’s visibility, allows the higher word of mouth participation and increased sales due to better customer targeting.

Remember, viewers, trust these influencers. This not only increases brand loyalty but also uplifts people’s faith in your brand when they see their favourite social media star post about it. Don’t miss out on this amazing marketing opportunity, Happy influencing!`

Author bio: Prince Kapoor is a seasoned Marketing Analyst and Blogger at Viralchilly.com. With his skills, he has been helping fellow marketers and brands worldwide


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  1. Great informative blog! I’m having issues with Instagram and decided to not be active on that platform, because it’s just not working for me. I am considering to work together with an influencer, but not completely sure yet. Thank you!

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  3. This post has some great tips. I’m just getting started with Instagram, but I will be giving more thought to my content moving forward.

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