How to make money online

Making money online through blogging hasn’t been that difficult for a long time. In fact all that is needed to start is to have a blog running.

Basically to start as a blogger you need:

  • A profitable niche that you are passionate about
  • Buy a domain name with simple and easy to remember words reflecting your niche like in my case, ””
  • Hosting that serves your blogging needs to competitive
  • A WordPress premium template with easy template and best SEO options
  • Upload your template on your hosting then start writing quality contents

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After having your blog up and running, you can decide to monetize it depending upon the monetary value of your niche. You source of revenue can be:

Though the above can be a good way to make money on your blog, they might not bring in that much-needed money.  The best advisable way you can make online while blogging is to create online products that can bring in money easily and on regular basis. You can sell your own online products and still remain an agent of others earning commission. Though the rate of selling commission on each product is quite unpredictable. Some products have good commission offering while others it is dismally low hence the need to sell your own products. make money onlineTo create your own online product, the following ideas can be of great help:

  • Find out what your audience need but don’t have – You can sell your need and earn money. i.e. if your Niche is Business start-ups, your audience will be those who want to enter into business.Your target audience needs to have a primary consultancy product that guides them how to get started in business. This acts like a stimulant for demand, after which you can now sell them your product like, ” what your need to succeed in your new business.”
  • Let your product be the best thing you can offer – their might be many other products doing the same thing as you are doing, so you will need to differentiate yourself from them, and bring out the uniqueness in your product give reasons why they should buy your product. Have value added to your product.
  • Branding – Your product should have an impressive brand name and packaging.
  • Packaging – This means how you offer your product. It can have E book, infographic series. Create online course and a few video packages to facilitate buyer to learn the contents of your products in whatever format possible.
  • You product must not be seasonal – Make sure you can sell it whole year. So, select a product that is free from seasonal effects and can earn money during the whole year.
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Bottom line

Relying on affiliates or google Adsense to make money online using your blog is not the best option. In fact google Adsense can deactivate your account without your knowledge.  The best, sustainable way to  make money online easily is to create your own online products. With these, you are in full control of the money you can earn unlike the affiliates, who control the commission you can receive.

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