5 Reasons bloggers need to market with a video

Video marketing is one of the keys to growth of any business online. Most of the time, you will find that customers would prefer to watch a video about any given product than read about it, this is particularly because, watching a video is easier, and entertaining at the same time than just reading through the content. When your market with a video, it enables you to educate potential end-users/customers how a product works to solve problems and needs.

Why Bloggers need to market with a video

Some of the key reasons why you need to start employing videos in your marketing strategy whether you are promoting your content or marketing a given product includes:

Video Encourages Sharing

Most of the time content with a video is likely to be shared many more times than that without one, basically because, people share emotions, not facts and that is the reason why most social networks encourage video content e.g. Instagram allows a 60 second videos & Instagram stories allows video and live streaming, Twitter has Periscope which lets you stream content live etc. Using the word ” Video” in an email subject line boosts the open rates.

Video Builds Trust

Putting a face on-camera allows potential clients to see who you are, identify with you personally and build trust without even meeting you in person. Remember, building and maintaining trust with your prospects and current customers is usually a top priority of any business.

Video enables you to build a Brand that people can relate with

People easily relate with someone they can trust,and this can be achieved through video marketing. Video marketing enables you to build a brand about any given niche or product.

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You can go ahead of the a Video Curve

Going by the positive numbers that come in with the video marketing say engagement rates or the traffic, you can plan to project ahead of the curve and focus on what drives engagement and do it better. This will bring more other benefits like increase in sales conversions.

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A video will definitely drive sales
From various researches done,  70% of people who watch a video to learn more about a given product, will subsequently buy it, this means that videos play a key role in driving sales therefore they should be given an important consideration in a marketing strategy.


Author: John Mulindi

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135 thoughts on “5 Reasons bloggers need to market with a video”

  1. I am always telling myself that I’m going to do more video content and it never seems to happen. There was a good month that I was doing a daily challenge with my husband and we did daily video check-ins. The fact that we had a schedule to keep to made a difference.. I should probably start something like that again!

  2. Anything concerning videos have always intimidated me but I’m determined to face my fear in 2019. I can see how so many are progressing through video marketing faster than others without like myself. Great tips and post!

  3. This is a hard one for me, mostly because I personally hate watching videos! I’m forever looking for a transcript! Ah well – you’ve made good points so I should definitely look into this. Thanks for linking up at Booknificent Thursday on Mommynificent.com!

    1. Hi Mercel, sometimes you have to try out new strategies that may seem challenging, to see if it brings more engagements, but if you are getting good engagements with your current strategy, then its okay too.

  4. Confirmed! I’ve recently begun to experiment and short videos are great! Scary at first, but really easy to connect with and help out your audience.

  5. Thank you so much for this clear and helpful post. It definitely holds true in my experience, although I haven’t used video on all the platforms you mention. I always look forward to reading your content and learning from it!

  6. Great read!! And it is all very true! Any tips on how to get over the fear of being infront of the camera? LOL!

  7. Thanks for this confirmation. I’m just starting to embark on the video world, Lumen5 makes it easy for FB and loaded my first Youtube the other day.

    1. Hi Betty, thanks for visiting and commenting on this post. Actually we have a lot of information on internet on Video editing. Try doing search, and I hope your question will be answered.

  8. This is what keeps me filming and editing and promoting videos (even when I don’t even really enjoy it). I know that it builds our brand in a way that nothing else can. Thanks for helping me realize that I am on the right path!

  9. I love this and will be pinning it! I am working on my first charitable project through my blog and have been giving a lot of thought to video marketing! This post is really helpful and right on time! Thanks

  10. Thank you for sharing! I have been on youtube much longer than I have been been blogging and I have to agree that I have noticed that the connection creating video content versus blog posts is different. There is definitely more of a connection like you say!

  11. Thank you, great points. I did youtube with my blog for a while then stopped. Maybe I’ll go back to doing that again to help boost my traffic as well.

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