Over 20 sites that offers opportunities to make money online

Advancement in Internet Technology has made making money online much easier. People no longer depend on traditional 9-5 jobs to make a living. In today’s age, you only need a laptop or desktop PC and internet connection to start earning a living online. In this article, we are going to look at sites that offer online jobs that anyone can use to make money online as detailed below:

  • Linqia -Actually all you need to qualify here is a reasonable number of followers on all your social media accounts. This is a great network for Influencers.  You can make money through your social networks or through sponsored posts for those who have blogs. To sign up, ensure you have atleast 2500 followers among all your social media networks or have over 2500 monthly visitors to your blog.
  • Payperpost -If you are a content creator or marketer, then this is the best site to join. They pay you to post content on your blog or  to your social social media accounts. You can also make more money by referring people to the network.
  • Clearvoice -This site offers freelancers an opportunity to create content, and get paid. Payouts are immediate after acceptance by the client.
  • Blogmutt – This site offers writing services. They manage the clients for you, all you do is offer quality content. They pay you every Monday, and your payout increases with experience.
  • Great Content – Great content offers copy writing, proofreading, copy-editing, translations. This can be done in over than 32 languages and dialects with native speakers. Pay rate depends on the  assignment and it can range from $ 7.5 to $38 for a 500 words content.
  • SurveySavvy -Here you get paid when you complete surveys or the people you’ve referred to the program complete surveys. Anyone can join this program, and start earning immediately.
  • Liveops – Liveops offers online call center jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home. There are various opportunities for agents ranging from inbound sales calls to outbound sales calls and customer services. Your earning depends on your performance, the volume of service you provide and the type of program you are working on.
  • Humanatic – This is a call tracking company which focuses on reviewing calls. You listen to a recorded phone call, then answer a simple question with the click of a button and earn money. They hire agents to work from home.   Websites offering opportunities to Make money online
  • Transcribe Me -Here they require you to type out information which can be in either Audio or Video. All you need is good listening and typing skills.
  • Scribie -They offer Audio and Video transcription. They can pay around $10 per hour of audio in addition to a $10 Bonus on a monthly basis for every 3 hours worth of audio transcribed.

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  • Crowdsource -Some of the services offered at this site includes: Copy writing, Content/Data Moderation, Transcription etc. You can apply to work in any of the categories.
  • Fiverr – This is a freelancing site where you can offer your skills in a given field and get paid. Whether you are a web designer, programmer, a writer, professional career consultant etc. this is the place to offer your services and get paid.
  • Upwork – This is also a freelancing site offering services in various fields, ranging from web developing, Marketing, Mobile development, Virtual Assistants, Writing among other many services. A reputable site where you can offer your skills as  a freelancer.
  • Clickworker -Clickworker provides content, surveys, web research, categorization & tagging. You can choose a category that you are skilled in and offer your services.
  • Articledocument – This is one of the leading content and social media community, with over 17000 writers and influencers of all levels of experience. They provide a range of topics for those interested in writing and involves the setting up of an account that you will use to access the assignments available on the site. The site pays according to the quality of content.
  • Hirewriters – This is a marketplace for content writers where writers offer their writing skills to online users seeking articles. Payout is weekly and the payments varies per the length and quality of the articles.
  • Online Writing Jobs – Get paid up to $50 per article writing web content about what interests you for the most categorized brands in the world. Note that the pay rate depends on the writers expertise on the topic, the level of article written, length and deadline.
  • ServiceScape – This site hosts and promotes Freelance editors, Translators, Graphic designers and writers. A good place to work or seek freelancing work.
  • Text Broker -This is also one of the leading article and content writing service provider. They provide content like: Product description, blog posts, technical content etc. They screen writers at the early stage by asking them to submit a sample. Once the writers are rated, they are provided with assignments according to the rating. High-quality assignments naturally pay more money. You can also work yourself to a point where you earn more money.
  • Writers Access – This is a content sourcing platform where you can hire writers, editors and content strategists.
  • Quickstate  – They provide call transcription and call auditing services. They provide work at home opportunity for typists to transcribe voice messages and audio files. There is a screening process, where you go through tests in order to qualify for a position.
  • Envato Studio – This is a community of Designers, Developers and Creatives. They offer services like Logo Design, WordPress Customization etc. So if you have skills in any of the mentioned areas, you can easily join them.

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  • Amazon Mechanical Turk – As a mechanical Turk worker: You can choose to work from home at your own hours and get paid after finishing your tasks.

Author: John Mulindi

John is very passionate about Digital marketing. He blogs on topics ranging from Social Media marketing, Search Engine optimization, Internet Marketing, Email Marketing, to Personal Development. In free time he likes watching Football, Reading, Listening to music and taking Nature walks.

61 thoughts on “Over 20 sites that offers opportunities to make money online”

  1. John that’s a great collection of sites you’ve gathered for both online marketers and bloggers. I appreciate soooo much, they work you put into gathering such gold-mine information!

  2. It is quite difficult making money online if you come from Nigeria. Mosts sites only allow people from USA, Canada and Australia to register. Even when you are allowed to sign up, getting the money becomes a hurdle as most sites pay via cheque or PayPal. Wonderful list John!

  3. Frankly, I never knew that all of these site you have opportunity to make some money. It is always good to know best of the best sites that offers you something like that.

    1. Some of the information herein, was collected from people working on some of these sites, personally I find Upwork good but it is always better to try others before you make an informed decision.

  4. Great list to give it a shot. I have tried Upwork. The competition is very stiff. With Fiverr, you start with offering your services at $5. I think I have tried Amazon Mechanical Turks too at one point. Since they’re small tasks, the payout start less than $1 (If I remember correctly), so I didn’t pursue it further. Just keep trying till you find something that’ll work, I suppose. Have you had any success with any of these?

    1. I got to know these sites through talking to people who work on some of them. In most cases, you have to try it out, before you make a decision to continue working with them or not. I think that is the best way to go about it.

  5. Thank you for providing such valuable information! Which are your favorite resources? Which do you recommend for beginners!? I shared on Facebook.

    1. I wouldn’t say these are the best sites, but for starters you can check out Fiverr or Upwork. It is always good to try , and then make a decision to work with them or not.

    1. Hi Janice, thanks for visiting again. Am still learning the ropes on best way to make money online. I do a lot of research to come up with some of the articles.

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