10 Ways to Successful Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms have proven to be the best places to get a reliable audience for bloggers or any other person doing work online, but even with these large active social media users, many bloggers have faced  many  challenges trying to tap into this audience and drive them to their sites. So, how can you ensure you have a successful social media marketing? We will try to answer this question by providing you tips and techniques that many other people have used and succeeded in their social media marketing efforts which you can too use.

10 ways to successful Social Media Marketing

Some of the social media marketing tips and techniques that you need to employ now include:

Ensure you have Share Buttons, and they are easily visible

When you don’t have share buttons on your blog, it means that no one will ever share your posts.  Ensure that you have share buttons in places that can be easily seen. I visit many blogs, and struggle to locate the share buttons, hence in most cases, I leave, without sharing. So visibility of these buttons is important if you want people to share your content.

Ask for the share

Having buttons doesn’t mean your content will be shared by any person who reads it. You may have to put a little push to get your readers to share. In fact you may be surprised that by just asking people to share your content you can increase the number of shares tremendously.

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Use a Cover photo

Use a cover photo that reflects and focuses on your area of specialty. This cover photo showcases your work or business and you may include a call to action in it. Ensure that your cover photo syncs well with the message you are putting across.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags when chosen well and used strategically can initiate and drive a great conversation. Hashtags finds a great use on Instagram and Twitter although they are used on Facebook to some extent. You can create your own unique hashtag or use existing one that is trending to help you multiply your shares and capture a targeted audience base.

Illustrate your posts and links with Graphics

People are likely to remember information that has images than one which doesn’t, therefore ensure you include relevant images in your content. Your social media shares should always include an image. A photo helps stop people in their tracks, and it can inform them instantly what the content is all about.

Leverage on the power of Influencers

You need to incorporate key influencers in your social media marketing strategy. Respond to your own favorite influencers in you niche. Visit their feeds regularly and interact. The more you interact with them through say comments on their posts, the higher the chances of getting noticed.

Share other People’s content

It is advisable to share other people’s content more than yours. If you do so, they will likely share your content to their followers hence increasing the reach tremendously, and they can also become your followers increasing your social media base.

Concentrate on few networks

Choose networks that bring in really results i.e. where your target readers are mostly located. Focusing on few networks helps you put time and resources where they are needed.

Share when your audience are most active

Don’t just your posts at any time. Find out times when your audience are likely to be active online, then plan to share your content at this times. You will notice that your engagement rates will be high during those times.

Share less of promotional content

Focus on sharing educative tips or entertaining content then once in a while you can share promotional posts.

Bottom Line

Social media can drive large traffic to your website or blog but you need to plan well and use techniques that have proven to work.  Strategize on how you intend to market your content on social media networks and focus on those networks that are bringing in the best results.

Do you know of any other tips that we can use to improve our social media marketing? feel free to share in the comments below, and also don’t forget to share this post with your friends or colleagues.


Author: John Mulindi

John is very passionate about Digital marketing. He blogs on topics ranging from Social Media marketing, Search Engine optimization, Internet Marketing, Email Marketing, to Personal Development. In free time he likes watching Football, Reading, Listening to music and taking Nature walks.

44 thoughts on “10 Ways to Successful Social Media Marketing”

  1. Your posts are always very informative. I just get so confused in social media. I am only good at using pinterest so far. But I wll try for other sites also. Thanks John.

  2. I monitor my blog traffic to see where my readers are coming from. That helps me focus on their interests and needs. Thanks for all the tips. – Margy

  3. You have some great advice in this post. You’d be surprised at how many blogs don’t have share buttons.

    1. Hi Jason, true! in addition, most of the problem I usually come across is locating the share buttons. I think getting basic things like share buttons right can really improve anyone’s social media marketing efforts.

    1. Hi Kelvin, yes, sometimes when you visit blogs, and you want to share their articles, you find it hard getting share buttons, and this can affect their content distribution in the long run, so location of share buttons is key if you want your content to be shared.

    1. Yeah, it takes time. But as you read blogs like this, you get informed and when you write more blog posts, you can start putting some of these tips into practice.

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