5 Student Lifestyle Hacks for Effective Personal Finance Management

Financials are the root cause to every problem that triggers other unhealthy events in a student’s life. Being a student, you need to turn yourself into a penny-pincher in order to survive through your academic career. That simply doesn’t mean you need to go on a no-spending-spree; learning an effective management of financial outflows is vital for a university-going student. It’s of mere importance that you keep a track of your books, food, bills, rent and other costs associated to your academics. After all, you may have a birthday party to bash during your vacations or a trip to host. For those little moments of chunks, you need to manage your financials accordingly so that you don’t run yourself into student debt, as is the case with many other university students, research suggests.

How to create an effective personal finance management as a student

This handy article lists out 5 of the most effective student life hacks for managing financial outflows. A wiser spending today would save you from a thousand regrets tomorrow. Keep on reading so as to see which life hack you can apply during your academics:

Effective personal finance management for students

#1: Make Use of Loyalty Program Cards

Loyalty card used as a key component for personal finance management for students

Ever heard of loyalty programs? These are an additional perk to regular customers. Your nearby restaurants, cafes, retailers, and saloons may be offering these. Look out for them. Synchronizing your budget with all those reward systems into one loyalty card holding your credits and membership details is one easy thing you can do. Make sure to run a fine glimpse over at your stored-value cards to determine if you can use them at retail stores. In that case, we recommend using Wallaby’s. This app would come in handy by telling you which of your credit cards would fetch you the highest reward points.

#2: Consider Using Rewards Card

Rewards cards as used for student personal finance management

College going students or university students who are frugal-minded would definitely think twice before spending even a single buck. Together with keeping a stricter eye on what you’re spending on, also consider the payment method you’re using. Paying through a credit card could help you generate sufficient reward points to utilize for transitions and other types of spending. You may also be able to take full advantage cash-back offers if you get yourself a reward card.

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#3: Know Your Rights – You May Be Eligible for Discounts

Personal finance management for students

Using student ID cards during travelling or shopping at the retail stores is the smartest idea you can take advantage of. You’d be shocked to see how many retail stores and outlets give discounts upon furnishing student ID cards. Nearby theatres, cafes, and gaming zones may have some discounts for you. So, you can’t really miss out on this. You need to be aware of your student rights. You may be entitled for a heap of discounts. Now whenever you go out, don’t forget to keep your student ID card along!

Personal Finance management for students

#4: Rent Your Textbooks Instead of Purchasing Them

Personal finance management for students
Textbook Rental on Amazon

If you’re not really into keeping your textbooks for a longer period of time (let’s say a year), consider taking them on rent. This way, you’d be paying very less. Amazon’s textbook rental is the finest option available in this concern. You’d be glad to know that a number of printing/publishing companies also offer free shipping upon returning the rented books!

#5: Install Budgeting Apps to your SmartPhone

Personal Finance Management for studentsWhen there are budgeting apps readily available to you, then why bother doing it on your own on a piece of paper? In that view, the FREE MINT App would come in pretty handy when you’re having tough times managing your daily or weekly budget. We also recommend using ATM locating apps to fetch the points where you are charged a very small fee or NO FEE at all.

So, fellow readers, what recommendations do you have in mind? Please consider sharing with us!

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69 thoughts on “5 Student Lifestyle Hacks for Effective Personal Finance Management”

  1. I kept my student id after I graduated – after all, they don’t ask for it back – and will still use it occasionally to get student discounts. I even still have my dot-edu email, so I can use that to if need be.

    There’s a bit of danger with loyalty programs and rewards cards – they might make you spend more than you would otherwise. As long as you budget and keep the dangers in mind, you should be good!

  2. Having budget apps is great. In fact, making use of any budgeting tool is quite useful. I just wouldn’t use he rewards cards system. Frequently it’s about sucking you in and overcharging on interest or penalties.

  3. When I was a still a student, I couldn’t really do much. That is because, my mother forbade me from working while still studying. Yeah, they supported me and I had my scholarship. But I didn’t have a lot of money to manage because I had a really small allowance.

  4. One thing I appreciated about being a college student was getting all of the college discounts. I still sometimes could get away with it as long as they dont ask for id (which would be 10 years old).

  5. I did not know this at my student years. I came to know about this after my education. Although most of my friends always make use of these things, but still I fail to follow it up (no particular reason) .

  6. Yup, I do a lot of these. I am part of many loyalty programs, plus I use a rewards card. I make sure to pay it off each month, and use the points for food gift cards so I can go out to eat!

  7. Oh how I wish i would have got these ideas earlier, when i was in a student and used to struggle with my expenses. But great ideas, will share with my friends who are at uni right now!!

  8. Wow I wish renting textbooks was an option when I was in school! A lot of them seemed important to keep, but now my husband and I are going through and getting rid of them- we’ve never cracked them since college!

  9. I wish I would have known some of these when I was in school (although they may not have been available way back then:). So many ways to earn points, save money and even earn a little money these days. Happy to share this with my kids.

  10. Very useful tips for students. It would be really helpful for lot of students, specially for thousand of International student come to United States every year , and are not really familiar with a lot of the points discussed above.

  11. The biggest decision college students have to make that determines their debt load is the school. Unless you or your parents can afford the tuition ouf-of-pocket, skip the private college (unless they offer a generous scholarship). While there are a few private colleges whose reputations are worth money after graduation, most aren’t. They may give you nicer dorms, a religious atmospher or smaller classes but when job hunting time comes that degree from most private colleges isn’t worth more than the one from State U, and it costs a whole lot more.

  12. Student discounts can be pretty awesome – from little local discounts to bigger things like Apple product sales, it can make a big difference!

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