Why Admitad is the Best CPA Affiliate Network

We have so many Affiliate Networks online, and getting the best network to work with can be a challenging task especially for new affiliates. To avoid wasting time working with unreliable networks, you need to look for recommendations for some of the best affiliate networks to work with from seasoned affiliates or through research online.

I have had a chance of working with several affiliate networks the likes of Amazon associate program, Peerfly, Commission Junction and AdWorkmedia.  Each of these networks present publishers with different ways to earn money online through affiliate marketing. Joining some of these networks can be difficult especially if you are a new affiliate as some may request records of your performance as an affiliate working with other programs while others like Amazon, require you to make at least 3 sales within 6 months of joining failure to which your account is closed. To avoid some of these challenges as a new affiliate, you need to look for networks that have simple sign up process, and no strict requirements and at the same time offer you a great way to make money online, that is why I look at reasons why I recommend Admitad for new affiliates.

Why admitad is the best CPA Affiliate Network

So what is Admitad?

Admitad is a German based affiliate network with several offices across the world.  Since its inception in 2010, it has grown tremendously, and at the writing of this post, they have over more than 0.75M publishers on their platform with over 1500 affiliate programs operating other platform, so as a publisher you have a large number of programs to work with ranging from online shops, financial offers, online services, online games to mention just but a few.

Reasons why Admitad is the best choice for you:

Simple Platform

Their platform is easy to use and anyone can navigate the dashboard without any problem. From here, you have access to reports on how your program’s promotions are performing and even your earnings balance.

Large pool of advertisers/Brands to work with

As indicated above, Admitad has over 1500 affiliate programs operating on their platform, covering a range of categories from E-commerce, Online Games, Financial offers, Travel & Tourism, Mobile offers etc. With these, you are presented with a great opportunity to work with highly profitable programs. All you need is to make a request on the platform to join any of the programs. When your request is accepted, you can now start promoting the program.

The Best Marketing Tools

Admitad provides several tools on their platform to help you increase conversion and program performance ranging from Coupons & Deals, Adserver, Moneylink, Admitad Chrome Extension, Widgets, ReTag Container, Postback URL, Deeplink Generator, Product feeds, etc.

Quick Payments

With Admitad you are assured of Quick Payments. Standard payments are made weekly via PayPal, Wire Transfers and Express payments that take 5 minutes via WebMoney. Note Express Payments are only allowed for Publishers with AD1, AD2 and AD3 account levels.

Great Support

Every publisher is given the necessary help and support from the Admitad team. As a publisher, you can count on their team if you need any assistance.

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Comprehensive Reports

Admitad provides a comprehensive reporting system. You are able to analyse impressions, clicks, and actions. You can easily export your reports to XML and XLS formats and use them with say Excel.

Open to anyone

Anyone can join the Admitad, unlike other networks  that may have have restrictions in place, and some may reject your applications depending on different factors like the amount of traffic to your website or your previous performance working with other affiliate networks. To join Admitad, all you need to do is fill in the required information on their sign up page and confirm/activate your account through the email link sent to you.

If you wish to register as a publisher with Admitad, you can join here.


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  1. Great informative post. I need to look into afflitiates for my blog – thanks for the push I needed!!

  2. I agree that some network are so difficult. and this sounds like a great one for affiliate marketing. I’ll have to check this out now.

  3. This is great information for anyone looking to switch for bettering their business, or anyone starting up. I appreciate the share.

  4. very useful info! I am looking forward trying those platforms too to see if it helps to increase profit from my blog (I do hope it will!). thanks for making this post not too long as well, it makes it way easier to read

  5. Thanks for sharing this information. I had not heard of this affiliate before, so I’ll be looking in to this opportunity!

    1. Hi Chelsea, may be you can try this, especially if you are passionate about Fashion. They have so many affiliate programs promoting Fashion Brands that are very popular in Northern America.

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