How to increase your ad revenue by 50-250% using Ezoic Ad Tester

Finding the best ad optimization strategy can be a challenging task for people who want to increase their ad revenues especially if you are doing it on your own.

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Increasing ad income can be accomplished through experimentation of different ad combinations to determine which ones bring in the maximum revenue. Free Ezoic Ad Tester Tool helps you achieve this very easily. I have been using Ezoic Ad Tester on my site for over 3 months now at the writing of this post, and I have seen tremendous increase in my ad revenue since I first started testing out ad combinations on my site, as shown below:

Why Test with Ezoic?

  1. Ezoic platform provides publishers with powerful tools to help them run experiments. Ezoic allows the publishers to leverage the power of machine learning on their sites. This includes the ability to collect data and automate decisions that improve visitor experiments, SEO and website earnings.
  2. Ezoic Ad Tester allows digital publishers to perform automated Ad Placement testing. This allows Ezoic to learn how visitors respond to different placements and makes automated adjustment to improve the user experiences and total revenues per session.
  3. Since Ezoic is not an ad network, they are able to provide Ad Mediation. This gives publishers the ability to enter all their existing ad partners on an even playing field where they compete to give publishers the best ad rates.
  4. Ezoic layout tester allows publishers to test multiple websites layouts (Desktop, mobile or tablet), and the system automatically adjusts the site to deliver each visitor the layout that is going to best balance the user experience and revenue.
  5. You can set up a server-side competition bidding action for your ad inventory live on your site using the Ezoic platform. Your own bidding partners can compete with Ezoic partners over your inventory.
  6. Ezoic Big Data Analytics allows publishers to track visitor engagement and authentic behaviour on their digital properties. This gives publishers like you a unique access to data that is unavailable through Google Analytics around SEO, ad revenues etc.
  7. Lastly, Ezoic AMP Converter creates AMP Version of your site’s  pages without the typical loss in the functionality or earning potential. Ezoic is a certified Google Partner and includes all of Ezoic existing multivariate testing technology inside of AMP.

How to increase your ad revenue using Ezoic Ad Tester

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How to Set up Ezoic Ad Tester on your Site

Getting the Ad Tester set up running is easier if you follow the procedure outlined on their main website well. We can summarize the procedure in the following steps:

  1. Integrate your site via Cloudflare or Nameservers (for those who don’t use Cloudflare). You can also add a snippet of a code to every page of your site if you can’t access your Nameservers or don’t use Cloudflare. For WordPress users, they have an Ezoic Plugin but I understand they are still testing it out. This can be used as your last option if any of the above ways don’t work.
  2. After successfully integrating your site, you need to convert your existing ad units to Ezoic placeholders.
  3. Apply for Google’s Ad Exchange. This will give you access to Google’s Premium network of CPM ads. With this, you can run more than 3 display ads within their terms of service. This allows hundreds of ad networks that include Adsense to bid in real-time for each impression on the page.
  4. Turn on the System. From the above it is much easier to have the Ad Tester running on your site in hours. Note that when you apply, and your application is approved, you will have someone to guide you through this Process.

Bottom Line

Ezoic uses the data from your site to determine which ads perform best on each page. Ad Testing can help increase your ad revenue by up to or even more than 250%

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Do you want to increase your ad revenue through Ad Testing? Join Ezoic here.


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