How to Think like a Pro Blogger Before you Become a Pro Blogger

I often read how hyper successful, pro bloggers thought and acted like a pro well before becoming a pro.

I once saw a few 7 and 8 figure bloggers explain how they blogged frequently – some publishing 2-3 posts daily – before hitting it big, despite not seeing a few hundred bucks during their first year of blogging.

What gives?

How did these folks think like a pro before becoming a pro blogger?

Before we dive into the tips, you need to know why it’s important to think like a pro before becoming a pro. Well guys; success flows from within. Or, as within, so without. Before you see success you need to think, feel and act like a success, because all results simply mirror back your dominant belief system.

How to Think like a Pro Blogger Before you become a Pro Blogger

Bloggers who go full time position themselves to become full time bloggers by thinking like, feeling like, and acting like, a pro. Naturally, this crowd sees pro results, over the long haul.

While most bloggers are selling sponsored posts for a piddly $5 you charge $1000. In time, while they make peanuts and remain amateur bloggers, you align with a more serious, prospering crowd, moving up in circles, landing big ticket business clients and making a full time income through blogging.

Here’s how.

1: Develop a Vision of Your Dream Life

Bloggers win by having a vision of their dream life.

If you see your dreams, you will think and act like the pro blogger who lives those dreams.

Add details to your vision to make it come alive. See, smell and taste your vision. Blogging gets easier if you have a vision because obstacles will not trip you up, with a vision in mind. Plus, it gets easier to think and act like a pro even if you have no money or get little blog traffic, in the moment.

2: Surround Yourself With Pro Bloggers

Pro bloggers teach you posture. Pros energize you. Pros pick you up, when you stumble.

Pros teach you how to think, feel and act like a pro blogger, well before you become a pro blogger.

Top bloggers taught me to be patient, to trust in the process, and not to panic if my results are not taking off. I also learned from pros to not lower my prices, but to raise my prices as my skills improved and as I gained experience. In many cases, I did not make more money blogging until I raised my prices. Posture.

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3: Do Uncomfortable But Freeing Things

See the above tip; raising prices often feels uncomfortable until you really think like a posturing, professional blogger. But pros usually raise prices well before they become professional bloggers to build posture, to raise the bar, and to align with a more prospering readership.

Do uncomfortable but freeing things. Write your first eBook to brand yourself effectively. Begin guest posting to think like a leveraging, pro blogger. Be the person before becoming the person. Leave your comfort zone. Grow into becoming a pro blogger.

4: Trust Your Intuition

Thinking like a pro blogger requires you to trust your intuition.

Let’s face it; sometimes, everything you do blogging-wise on the ride to going full time will not make sense to most bloggers, or people, for that matter. People who live solely by logic work for other people. People who follow their intuition create empires.

Trust your gut. Zig, while humanity zags. Think like a pro before you become a pro while most other bloggers think like amateurs and never become professionals.

5: See Money Spent on Your Blog as an Investment Not Loss

Amateur bloggers see money spent on blogging as money lost because they think like losers.

Aspiring pro bloggers see money spent as money invested because they know they will make more and more money from their investment; this crowd thinks like winners and becomes pro bloggers.

Professionals in virtually all niches had to invest money well before they became pros. Blogging is no different.

You Can Do it

You can and will become a pro blogger.

Think like a pro. Position yourself to succeed.

As within, so without.

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Author: John Mulindi

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25 thoughts on “How to Think like a Pro Blogger Before you Become a Pro Blogger”

  1. Nice tips! For the first two years my blog has been like a living resume–I do get work from it but I don’t make money from it through adverstising. You are right about setting expectations and proper goals–and looking at is a business to be invested into not something to go cheap on!

  2. This is a great post! I love the part about doing uncomfortable things. I think one of the biggest steps towards becoming a pro blogger is getting out of your comfort zone and doing things that make you uncomfortable. For me this has been filming myself, sharing my blog with friends and family and doing Facebook lives. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Fantastic advice. A lot of this could be pegged down to believing in your ability, yourself and your soul. If you talk the talk well enough you’ll be able to walk the walk!

  4. Positive post! I guess sometimes it is the matter of being at the right place at the right time and being very choosy to set our brand apart.. thank you for the tips!😊

  5. Great advise! I love that you talked about doing uncomfortable but freeing things… Another perspective on that is putting myself out there and just writing for the public was uncomfortable at first but it was so freeing. I gained a lot of confidence by doing so! So the natural next step to that would be not to short change myself. That resonated with me a lot! I loved this article!

    1. Hi Ashley, am glad you found this article helpful! Success is usually found in doing those uncomfortable stuff that most people fear or ignore. Thanks for visiting!

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