Black Friday Web Hosting Deals for Bloggers in 2019

In today’s article, we bring you black Friday web hosting deals in 2019. The most awaited sale of the year, Black Friday sale. The best web hosting deals are waiting for you. Here we have mentioned the best deals on web hosting to get right now for building a better website.

Black Friday Web Hosting Deals for Bloggers
Web Hosting Deals for Bloggers

Black Friday Sale

For those who don’t know black Friday sale is the huge discount sale of the year. In black Friday sale, all the branded products are available with huge discounts. It is that day where everyone gets the chance of getting their dream product in their budget.

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In the sale, the discount can be up to 60-70%. It has seen, in sales, the discount got up to 90%. It is a huge discount you can get. People wait for this day eagerly so that they can get a significant discount on their favorite product and the product which they were planning to buy.

For bloggers, black Friday sale is beneficial too. On the sale web hosting, WordPress plugins, domain names, themes, and other services have a significant discount on them. Most professional bloggers wait for this day to renew their hosting plans and also to buy services at the lowest price.

So, we have mentioned the two best web hosting –Cloudways & WPX Hosting. These two web hosting are the most powerful and affordable hosting service in the market. You can get huge discounts on the hosting mentioned above with the discount coupons and offers.

Black Friday Web Hosting Deals for Bloggers
Web Hosting Deals for Bloggers


Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting provider. The top cloud servers are connected with Cloudways. They are Google Cloud, AWS (Amazon Web Service), DigitalOcean, Linode, and Vultr. While setting up the hosting, you will have to choose between these five cloud platforms to host your website.

The processing power of Cloudways server is super-fast because they have SSD based hosting. The SSD drives are costly, and it is infrequent to get at a low price. The servers are so powerful, and it is designed to handle all kind of website like WordPress, e-commerce, Shopify store, Amazon affiliate store.

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Cloudways give you the freedom to choose the different types of packages. You can go for the best suited for your need so that you don’t have to pay extra or less money.

Now the good news about Cloudways is that we got exclusive Cloudways Coupon Bloggingscout which will help you save a huge amount of money while purchasing hosting from Cloudways.

Key Features of Cloudways

Auto-Healing Servers

Whenever the server encounters a problem, then you will get stressed about the website, but this doesn’t happen when working with Cloudways. Servers are programmed to detect any problem in the server and then find a solution to fix it. The Servers auto repair themselves and don’t require you to leave all your essential work and call the support.

Dedicated Firewalls                                  

Due to increasing attacks on a website daily it becomes crucial to keep the data safe from intruders. Cloudways gives priority to the safety of the server and website data. So they provide dedicated firewalls to allow only secure and known stuff and keep the intruder and unknown object out of the server.

Free HTTPS Domain (SSL Certificate)

If you know a little about SEO, then you know how important the HTTPS domain is. Google official said to support and rank HTTPS domains rather than HTTP and all the domain connection in the start is insecure (HTTP). It leaves terrible experience to users as it provides no safety to the user’s data.

So Cloudways provides a built-in free SSL certificate to enable HTTPS domain and get higher SEO ranking in the search results.

You get all these features in every plan along with

  • free site migration
  • free WordPress cache plugin
  • automatic backups
  • CloudwaysCDN to boost global response time and traffic
  • 24/7 support all over the world.

On black Friday sale, Cloudways offer extreme discounts on their hosting plans. You can use Cloudways discount coupons to get a massive discount at the time of checkout.

WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting is the hosting with first-class support in all over the world. WPX Hosting is recommended by “WordPress” itself as the best web hosting provider for WordPress websites.

You can see WPX Hosting review on TrustPilot and G2 Crowd. The TrustPilot Score of WPX hosting is 9.8 out of 10. They have reviewed it in complete detailed and ranked it as the #1 WordPress hosting service in 2019.

Whenever you want to move your website to the WPX server, then you have to tell their team and the rest they will handle. The migration team will transfer your data to WPX servers within 24 hours.

Now here we got another amazing WPX Hosting Offer which will let you save a massive 50% on the hosting plan that you’ll be purchasing for hosting your WordPress blog.

WPX Hosting Features


CDN is a simple yet most effective system to increase global reach. The system is designed to manage the traffic load on a single server (central server). There are many servers situated at different locations. When someone tries to access the website data, then the system will analyze and appoint a server closest to the user so that the user can access the data quickly.

The CDN system improves the server speed and helps in providing fantastic user experience to users.

Multiple Domain Hosting

WPX allows you to host numerous domains in a single plan. The basic plan allows five websites to host, and the limit is high in advanced plans. It is very beneficial for those who own many sites, so they can manage all the sites in a single place.


Unlimited Email Address

Email address is vital for communicating with clients and users. The email address shows the professionalism of that person behind the website. So to leave a professional impression when you send, then the email address should contain the website name.

WPX Hosting provides you unlimited email addresses for your websites. You can create and manage different email address for a different purpose.

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Free SSL Certificates

For converting HTTP domain to HTTPS, you need an SSL certificate. The certificate verifies the website and whether the data is transferring to the right server or not. So to make this process easy, WPX provides free SSL certificates for all your websites.

WPX Hosting provides WordPress hosting. The basic plan includes five websites, 10GB storage, 100GB bandwidth, PHP 7X, custom CDN, free site migration, free SSL, malware scanning, DDoS protection, US+UK locations, 1-click WordPress installation and lot more.

For those who want to get a discount then they can use WPX hosting coupons to get huge discount on black Friday web hosting sale.


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