Social media networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. have a great potential of bringing a large traffic to your website or blog. There are tools that can help you to efficiently manage the social media to take advantage of the big traffic generated by these networks. Social media management encompasses various tasks that you have to undertake and perform on a regular basis. Social media management tools helps you achieve this in an effective and easy way.

These tools help you automate most of the social media management tasks: you can post your articles, images or videos, schedule tweets and messages. They also provide you with a detailed reporting and analysis system. In this article we look at some of the best tools you can utilize to manage your social media networks. 9 Best tools to help you manage your social media networks


Sproutsocial provides a platform to help you manage your social media accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. With the use of Sproutsocial you can post and schedule messages, manage teams and social channels, assignments and tasks. It has a single stream inbox so that you can monitor your messages from a central place.


This is one of the leading social media management tools. Hootsuite provides you with a well equipped dashboard to efficiently measure and manage your various social media networks and profiles. It provides you with the capability to track conversations as well as monitor the results of your social media campaigns from a single place. You can schedule your tweets and messages, monitor brand mentions as well as get an analysis on the traffic.


This tool provides one of the most powerful social media management platform. Buzzbundle provides a single workplace to manage all your social profiles. You can schedule posts, messages or announcements.


This is one of the highly rated social networks management tool. It is available as a desktop and web solution. It can be used on Chrome browsers, Windows and Mac powered desktops. Tweetdeck helps you provide flexibility and insight to your social media activities. It helps you arrange feeds, and has filters so that you can focus on what is important to you. You can schedule your tweets, and be up-to date with alerts from fresh Tweets.


This tool makes blogger outreach easy and effective. With Buzzstream you can do various task such an influencer research, accomplish relationship management, do list building, manage outreach, carry out project management and task management.


Buffer lets you add articles, videos and images that you want to share on social media networks while it does the rest for you automatically by sharing them throughout the day. You can manage your multiple accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+. It also offers a detailed analytics and insights on every post you put out through your social media networks. Buffer is available as browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox etc. There are also native apps for mobile devices.

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This tool has many useful features to enable you schedule tweets, retweets, auto-follow, Send Direct Messages, Inbox clean up etc. Socialoomph is available as a free trial and as paid option.


This was initially socialbro.  Audiense has features that helps you to engage, target and manage audience on Twitter. It comes with tools for browsing your community, enables you to identify major influencers, track engagement, helps you to determine what is the most appropriate time to tweet. You can also generate a report and do analysis of the tasks performed.


This tool enables you to engage with your customers, measure the results as well as monitor your brand across various social media sites. This is done from a single workplace. You are able to schedule messages and can run and manage varied marketing campaigns too. Sendible enables you to do brand monitoring, generate leads, do sentiment analysis and you can build brand awareness. You can also access powerful analytics and tracking tools.

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Author: John M

John is reserved, likes taking on new challenges and blogs in free time.


  1. I’ve been looking for the perfect tool to manage my social media and I think I’ve finally found it. Does buzzbundle really work with all social media platforms?

  2. I’ve just discovered a social network called friends+.me that can post to Google+ communities! I found that Google+ communities can be a gold mine for targeted traffic and I’m testing Friend+.me right now. I will let you know how it goes! Happy to see that you have Pinterest images in your posts now! They look awesome. Sharing 🙂

    1. Hi Claire, thanks for dropping by, I have tried Google+ communities but I think they need a lot of engagement with the fellow users to gain from the traffic. I find Facebook Groups to more easier to use than G+ communities with regard to self promotion.

  3. I actually read this yesterday. There is a lot of value here. i for one get distracted very easily and then wonder why page views are down at the end of the month, haha. Thanks for all the tips!

    1. Yes, the good thing about these tools, is automation. You don’t need to be present all the times on social media to post. You can have your posts or messages automatically set to be posted at a given future time.

  4. Great list! I’ve been using the Later plugin and cannot stand it, so I will have to try some of these. I really feel that Hootsuite is the next best bet, since it seems you have to continually post (a lot) on a daily basis with Pinterest.

  5. Hey John,

    That’s an awesome list. I invite you to try SMhack. In addition to the publishing, engagement and analytics, SMhack also offers competition benchmarking where you can spy on competitor’s social strategy. It also has approval workflow which makes ensures that the brand is in full control of their social media marketing. I would love to see your thoughts on SMhack. Give it a shot!!

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