Dangerous Social Media & Dating Apps you Should Monitor on your Teens Android Phone

Android cell phone technology has hit the world by storm and almost everyone owns a smartphone that is running on  Android OS. Its friendly user interface provides fascinating experience when it comes to the use of social networking apps and dating apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, WhatsApp, and Snapchat.


All these apps are some of the popular social messaging and dating apps these days. No doubt all these apps have provided users a number of facilities such as text messages, audio, video calls,  free calls, shared media files such as photos and videos and some of these also provide a feature of Voice calls. However, these fascinating features have made these apps as some of the dangerous social networking apps & dating apps and young teens are obsessed with it.

So, it has multiple dark sides too. So parents need to keep an eye on their teen’s social media activities. Let’s discuss how these apps are dangerous and why there is a dire need to monitor your teen’s Android phones.

Why you need monitor Social media  & dating apps on teen’s android?

The presence of cyber predators on the dating and social media apps has forced especially parents to monitor their kids and teens android phones if they have installed the instant messaging apps on their phones. Moreover, young teens have started making online matches for blind dates without having the prior information about the online friends to whom they go for meeting in real-life. Sexting, obsession, and health issues are common in young teens.

However, the presence of the online predators such as cyber bullies, stalkers, child abusers and sexual predators are always in the search of young teens because they are soft targets and easy to trap online. All these predators are real-nightmares for teens. Parents should look after their teens to the fullest and they should monitor the apps on android phones of their teens. But before, we are going to tell you how to monitor android, let’s discuss shortly social media and dating apps that are on the top.

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Dangerous social & dating apps you need to monitor on your teens android phone



Instagram is one of the leading social media and dating app and it is also known as photo-sharing app owned by Facebook. Almost 60% of teens are using the Instagram app as dating app on their android phones and the cyber predators have made the platform quite dangerous for the teens. A user can share photos, private chat and shared content on the social messaging app. Teens who have little understanding of privacy settings mostly become the victims of stalkers and sexual predators.

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Since last a decade, the Facebook social messaging app is one of the fastest growing instant messengers and it has almost over 1.5 billion active users to date. I am not wrong, it is one of the social media classics and users especially teens also use it for texting, chat conversations, audio and video calls, shared media files and do Voice messages with the user. Its, multiple features enable a user to use it as dating app and the one night stand is one of the leading common issues in the today’s teens. They don’t think whom they are going to meet with and often get trapped by the sexual predators and get raped. Apps


Without the shadow of the doubt, it is the grandmother of all the social messaging apps that we have at the moment. It is the oldest social networking and dating app that you have ever come across, it’s been used on windows and MAC computer devices and now you can use this app on your android cell phone. It is also the classics of dating apps and provides user chat rooms, private chat rooms to have the conversation with each other and to do audio and video chat. Parents need to monitor teen’s android phone if they are using the Yahoo messenger because it is dangerous too.

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Currently, the most widely used social media app that everyone is using these days for dating, for hunting young teens or to have a date with the online friend. So, cyber predators are present that can exploit your teen to the fullest. You can send Messages and make audio, and video calls, and also share media and Voice messages.  Teens can do anything on the messenger without spending a single penny.


The social media app allowed sending shortest videos and photos as well. Teens are using this app as the dating tool and the blind dating has been on the rise. Teens also share their semi-nude photos and videos that become easy to get approached by the stalkers and sexual predators.


It is also known as hookup app and the teens are most frequent user of the dating app. Tinder has got so much appreciation for dating point of view, but it has put teens security on stake. Because cyber predators have fake profile on it in order to hunt young teen’s online and then in real life.

Monitor android with android spy app


Parents just need to install the android spy software on teen’s androids cell phone and then they can use IM’s social media. It will provide parents services to view all the social media Apps and dating apps logs such as text messages, private chat conversations, audio and video conversations logs, shared media files and to listen the Voice calls with a complete time stamp on the target Android phone.

Furthermore, a user can do android screen recording that further lead user to use screen recording of the above mentioned social media and dating apps. The user will be able to make short videos of the screen when the dating and social media apps are running on the phone and parents can get to know the activities.

Parents can also use the TOS spy 360 screen sharing of the Android monitoring software that allows a user to share the target android screen to the online control panel of the cell phone tracking app for Android. A user can view live activities happens on the target Android phone of dating and social media app.


You can monitor all the trendy social media and dating apps on teen’s android cell phone with the help of a secret  Android Tracking App.


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26 thoughts on “Dangerous Social Media & Dating Apps you Should Monitor on your Teens Android Phone”

  1. Unfortunately, while I was growing up and Facebook was coming up, it was the dating app of the season among teens. Anyway, I still don’t like how people manipulate FaceBook DMs with very stalking messages. Something to actually warn teens about!

    1. True, many teens may fall to these DMs from strange people, hence the need of parents being in control helps prevent such bad cases. Thanks for your comments.

  2. I don’t think it’s helpful to think of social media as dangerous for our kids. It is their culture and just because we didn’t grow up with it doesn’t mean we need to demonize it. We just need to talk to our kids about safe use and monitor it respectfully.

    1. Hi, I don’t think the article is about preventing kids from using social media, but it highlights the dangers that kids can be exposed to when using social media. Most of the time, there is no problem with them using it, but sometimes we may have bad guys out there trying to take advantage of this, hence the need to protect kids.

  3. Wow, I had never thought of some of these tips! I would really like to go over this with the kids!

  4. My kids are only 6, but I already fear what social media will look like for them in 10 years. As a parent, I will need to make sure that I am able to monitor their use and try to instill good values in them.

  5. This is great advice for parents. At some point there needs to be an element of trust developed between parent and child because when that teen turns 18 he/she is considered an adult and ‘spying’ on them will really not cut it.

  6. Definitely gotta be on the ball with these sites John. My sister didn’t allow my niece online until she became a teen. Even now, she’s aware of her web surfing habits. My other niece is a toddler but already knows how to do stuff with the phone. Amazing. Thanks for sharing the reminder.


    1. Hi Ryan, Sometimes we have to take proactive steps earlier to avoid some of these problems that many teens encounter online. Education is one way that can help, but few people take this serious. Thanks for your insights.

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