Goodbye 9 to 5 Desk Job, Welcome Work from Home

You probably have seen enough ads online where people boast about their cool work from home lifestyle. I would say that a decade ago, this wasn’t usual. But the truth is, it still is unusual today.

Not everyone understands how what remote or freelance work is. They simply assume you stay in your pajamas all day long and make money. Of course, that is not the case.

Working from home is a demanding lifestyle as it requires an exceptional level of responsibility and focus. You do almost everything on your own, with no supervision, and you have to make it work.

Not only that but if you are looking for freelance work, you understand the financial risks that come with that. Some days there just isn’t any work to do and no project to work on.

So, how do you transition from your desk job to a work-from-home lifestyle?

In other words, how do you confidently say goodbye to your 9 to 5 and embrace the responsible freedom?

Work from Home

1 – Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

There are many articles out there motivating you to quit the “pitiful job” you have right now and get yourself a freelance position. And why wouldn’t you?

You can make up to 10x in just three months. That’s the best deal ever.

Except, it may not be the real deal.

Anyone who works from home understands that there isn’t a constant flow of work. Some days are busier than others. And if you are just starting out, your chances of landing remote jobs is still small.

The solution?

Come home after your 9-to-5, log in to your computer, and find yourself a job. This means you will add a couple of working hours to your daily schedule. They will allow you to test whether you are up for the challenge before making the final decision.

If you can sustain making money online for a couple of months, then you can go ahead and quit your job.

2 – Schedule Your Work Day

The benefit of having a 9-to-5 is that you know when work starts and ends. You plan your day around that time frame, and so does everyone around you.

When working from home, you assume that your day is 100% yours and you can do whatever you want, whenever you want.

While that is true, it is not the best way to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. You should create a daily work schedule and respect it.

Decide on when your work day starts and when it stops, get rid of distractions, and get as much done as possible within that time you scheduled.

This will help you both in keeping yourself productive and ensure you spent enough time with family and friends.

3 – Move Around for Work

The best thing about working from home is that you don’t have to do it. I don’t mean you don’t have to work, but you don’t have to stay home to work. You have a location-independence that you should use to your advantage.

Sometimes, the distractions at home are too good to pass on. Your favorite TV show is about to start; your friends are coming over, your bed is calling for you. That all stops when you leave home.

Look for a calm coffee place or co-working space near you and work from there. There are far fewer distractions outside your home, and you are motivated to get the work done.

You don’t have to commute. Try to find a good place in a walking distance so that you can enjoy a walk to and fro. That exercise will keep you a little healthier than sitting on a chair all day long.

4 – Remove Distractions during Work Hours

The best thing about having a boss walk around the office is that they make sure work gets done and employees are not distracted.

There is a reason why your employers blocked all social media on your desktop, maybe banned using your mobile phone, and occasionally spied on your screen.

That reason is simply that they know any distraction is a threat to your (and their business) productivity. If you can’t perform to your best abilities, then you are not performing at all.

The same mindset should apply to your work from home. Anything that can distract you from getting your job done should be removed.

If you find yourself wasting time doing something that is not part of the schedule, then don’t do it. Focus your time and energy on making your goals happen.

You are the only one responsible for your success.

5 – Enjoy Your New Freedom

Last but not least, don’t forget that you are now free to do whatever you want. You can be making money blogging, writing, designing, or any other online job, but don’t forget to enjoy it.

It is not all about making money, but it’s about regaining some freedom. You should give yourself more free time to go out and have fun.

Don’t punish yourself too hard when you miss a goal. You are free to experiment with new things all the time you want, as long as you know what you’re doing.

There is no one watching over your head except for yourself, and you should enjoy that.

Just keep yourself productive most of the time, stick to your schedule and meet your goals as much as you can.

The rest should be fun.

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Leaving your secure 9-to-5 can be a difficult decision to make. But if you plan ahead and acknowledge your responsibilities, you can make working from home the best decision you have ever made.

Let me know what you think in the comments down below!

Author bio: Youness Bermime is a professional content writer and marketer. He writes for Action Taking Blogger, a blog that encourages readers to take action and start making money, and grow their online businesses.


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56 thoughts on “Goodbye 9 to 5 Desk Job, Welcome Work from Home”

  1. Graet pointers on maintaining a balance when working from home. Keeping a fixed schedule seems like it would be absolutely key!

  2. I like working from home but I also enjoying getting out of my home to work. Meaning going to a cafe, diner or library to remove myself from distraction. I think it can be a difficult transition in the beginning but it’s so worth doing. Your tips are helpful!

  3. It is nice to be able to work from home. I have two kids, and it allows me to be able to spend time with them and have a flexible schedule. It does take a lot of work and focus as well.

  4. I work from home as well & it is awesome. I love having the comfort of my own home to focus in rather than a busy office. These are great tips. Thanks!

  5. I love working from home, but it comes with its own set of challenges. But, I’d much rather have the freedom I have to work at home, then stuck at a desk job. Great points!

  6. It is definitely possible to work from home. I left the 9-5 long ago, these are all great tips. Bookmarking this!

    1. I think with good planning and dedication, you can succeed working from home. You also need to be disciplined with yourself, as you have no supervisor, you are your own boss.

  7. The best thing I ever did was become a virtual assistant. I love that I am my own boss. The only thing I haven’t nailed down yet is office hours. I work all the time.

  8. One of the best decisions I made in life is when I decided to work from home three years ago. Although a lot of patience and time is needed to build your own online business, the sense of satisfaction and financial results are fantastic.

  9. I agree that when you work from home, you have all the time. You always have million things to do at home. Even then, working from home is a good option. Thanks for this informative post.

  10. I’ve worked for myself for so long now that I don’t think I could ever easily go back to working 9-5. And quite frankly, I wouldn’t want to…. I prefer to have the flexibility to work as and when I want to, even if does mean that I work longer hours than probably most other people in traditional employment.

  11. Guess what I did yesterday? I applied for retirement form my high school teaching job! Yikes! I will be supplementing my income by working from home so these are very timely tips. Thank you!

  12. Great and insightful post. As someone who works from home I can relate to most of these points. I love taking myself off to an internet cafe sometimes, it gives a change of scene and and chance to meet like-minded freelancers.

  13. Thank you for this. I’m looking to gradually build a remote business (blogging and other media) and I know I’m going to have to work a 9-5 in order to sustain myself for the time being. It’s good to know that that’s possible. This was a great article.

  14. I recently left my 9-5 to work from home on my own business. I have to say, going to a coffee place has been great a couple times a week. Really helps me focus. Great Info!

    1. Hi Candice, thanks for visiting and taking time to comment on this post. I like the Flexibility that comes with working from Home. You are most welcomed.

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