5 Amazing PPC Tricks that can help improve your conversions in 2019 & Beyond

Probably the most efficient type of online marketing is PPC advertising. As the name indicates, it operates on a pay-per-click basis – that is, the advertiser pays Google a premium when advertisements are clicked on by a consumer.

What can I tell you about PPC conversion rates?

Conversion rates are one of PPC campaign runner’s most popular metrics, and for excellent reason. Your conversion rate can tell you how effective the driving action of a general ad campaign is. This, in turn, can tell you a lot about how efficient your advertisements are when combined with your selection of landing page or product.

Here are my all-time top 5 PPC Tricks that can help you improve conversions:

  1. Focus on keywords with high performance

You need to verify the output of your keywords to optimize your PPC campaigns. Because they are the construction blocks of all PPC campaigns, keeping a check on them is very crucial. Your top-performing keywords are the ones that give you more conversions, so you should concentrate on these keywords. Continue to introduce modifications to these keywords ‘ bidding approach. You can trace the optimum offer for each of the keywords by doing so.

Pause keywords that do not perform well after evaluating the performance of your keywords, i.e. not generate impressions, clicks or conversions.

5 PPC tricks to help improve your Conversions

  1. Determine your bid strategy and budget

Your budget for the PPC campaign will dictate how much you are prepared to pay for your ad placement clicks. In the PPC globe, however, there is another aspect of budget-setting: not all subjects and audiences are of equal value. This implies certain interests, segments of the crowd, and in particular terms of search will cost distinct quantities per click.

These bidding policies on Google Ads include:

  • Cost-per-click (CPC) bidding: Every moment someone clicks on your ad, you’ll pay Google.
  • Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) bidding:For every 1,000 times that your ad appears to customers, you pay to Google.
  • Cost-per-acquisition (CPA) bidding: Every moment you click on your ad, you pay Google, but the sum you pay is automatically optimized against how much it costs you to “obtain” from your website a client — or comparable conversion behavior.
  • Cost-per-view (CPV) bidding: Every time you view, click on, or otherwise engage your video ad on YouTube, you pay Google.

Bid multipliers enable you to do this by attributing clicks at particular moments of the day, otherwise known as day parting, to higher value.

  1. Optimize advertisements and create new ad text

In order to get searchers to your site, superior ad text is a vital step. If your advertisements are not convincing and applicable to your keywords, searchers will not press on them, which will result in less traffic to your site.

Expanded advertisements allow you to run advertisements with longer copies. If you’re targeting long-tail keywords or need a little extra space for further persuasion, these work well.


  • Use ad extensions
  • Use your main keyword in the headline
  • Include at least one keyword in ads
  • Avoid repetition
  • Highlight features
  • Use calls to action
  1. Put in ad extensions

Ad extensions are the formats of advertisements showing extra product data. You assist your clients get to understand you and your products in an ideal manner with the help of digital marketing course institute in Delhi when displaying additional data about products. Ad Extensions also enhance your visibility, increase your CTR and improve your overall ROI.

To benefit the PPC campaigns, select the right extension:

  • Sitelinks Extensions
  • Call Extensions
  • Location Extensions
  • App Extensions
  • Review Extensions

5. Platform for your PPC campaign

Your first step is to decide on which platform to launch a fresh PPC campaign. There are various websites that you can use for marketing campaigns pay per click (PPC) to assist drive individuals to your website and make conversions. Here’s how they operate each of these popular ad platforms:

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads enable you to position “sponsored” posts on user newsfeed that identify you, the advertiser, with particular audience features.

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Google Ads:

Google Ads allows you to pay on Google’s multiple internet properties for high-ranking real estate, including search engine results pages (SERPs).

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Final Thought

It’s is important to keep in mind that improving Conversion cannot happen overnight as it requires time and trial. Keywords play an important role to shape the conversion rate. Ads optimization takes some finesse as study on audience, keywords research results to strategies. Optimization is strategic and cyclical, but space for enhancement is always available. Sensation of intuition and gut operates but till a limit. Certainly testing with zeal and plan will produce excellent outcomes. Conversion optimization sets the ball rolling by acquiring more customers without marketing expenditure in a shorter span of time.


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