How these Books helped me quit my job and start a Small Business

The Internet is full of “from rags to riches” stories. But those stories usually try to sell you some course that will actually make some guru rich, right?

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5 Steps to Change Your Outcome

One small change today will build a strong foundation in your life. The blame game does not work in personal development, business or entrepreneurship. Lets look at steps to help you change your outcome in life:

  1. Determine what went wrong
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8 Key Traits of Successful People

What are the characteristics that makes successful people top in their careers, businesses? lets consider some of the traits of successful people below:

They Plan and Set Goals

Successful people plan their lives around things they are passionate about. They … Read More


The following tips can help you unlock your potential:

    • Define success – What does success means to you?  Does it mean being financially stable? owning a home? Success depends on your own ability and determination to work hard. Define your
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If you want different results, you need to do things differently. Here are some 10 ways to transform your life and your business.How to Transform your Business and Life

  • Update your technology – Assess what technology would help you do business more effectively, whether it is
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