The following tips can help you unlock your potential:

    • Define success – What does success means to you?  Does it mean being financially stable? owning a home? Success depends on your own ability and determination to work hard. Define your success and work towards achieving it.   How to unlock your potential
    • Set realistic goals – Don’t be over excited and set big, unrealistic goals forgetting that you need to make sure they are realistic and attainable. Start small as you look to setting and achieving bigger goals. No goal or milestone is too small or insignificant.
    • Believe in yourself – Self belief can take you to places and makes you seek opportunities you never thought you would.
    • Have the right attitude – Your attitude will determine the amount of effort you will put in achieving success. It will also help you carry out your role effectively and to do more than you have been assigned. Your attitude is what will guide you when things get tough, and failure comes.
    • Seize opportunities along the way – Don’t let opportunities pass you, make the best of use of your environment to create a livelihood for your self and family.
    • Don’t shy a way from asking for help – Your weakness is someone  else strength therefore ask for help where necessary. Learn from one another, this will go along way helping build each other.
    • Focus on the future – Don’t focus so much on your current life but rather use it to prepare for a better tomorrow. Work hard now for a better tomorrow.
    • Be challenged – Challenges will help you get out of your comfort zone and enable you to be creative besides enabling you to grow.
    • Go the extra mile – Going an extra mile, is what differentiate an ordinary and an extraordinary individual. Learn to do more than is expected of you.
    • Have a reputable character – Be someone people can look up to . Develop your space and gain respect for being who you are.
    • Lastly surround yourself with the best  – Have friends that can challenge you to achieve more.

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Author: John Mulindi

John is very passionate about Digital marketing. He blogs on topics ranging from Social Media marketing, Search Engine optimization, Internet Marketing, Email Marketing, to Personal Development. In free time he likes watching Football, Reading, Listening to music and taking Nature walks.


  1. I feel inspired after reading this post. Setting yourself up for success is very important if you want to succeed.

  2. I think you hit the mark on these tips to be successful. These are very encouraging as well, it can get so hard while you are working towards something. You can start to doubt yourself, or think it is taking too long. While we should enjoy life in the moment, there is something to be said about not dwelling too much on our current state and focus on what we are doing to change it.

    1. Hi, succeeding in life is more about finding ways to overcome the various weaknesses we face in life, and exploring our potentials to the maximum. Thanks for the insightful comments.

  3. Hello John! Your principles are sound. I especially liked your point to surround ourselves with good friends. I didn’t consider this until I read your article. I am extremely grateful for my friends and colleagues who inspire and encourage me. I just hadn’t realized it yet. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for visiting, and for the positive feedback. Yes, good friends helps to build you up, and encourage you when you are down or think of giving up otherwise you are most Welcomed.

  4. I think defining what success means to you is probably the most important part. And as focusing on future – yes, but don’t let it go as far as to forget to live in the present..

  5. Inspiring post! All of these tips are super helpful easy to incorporating into my everyday life! Thanks for sharing!

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