Social media marketing is one of the most widely applied techniques through which you can interact, share and acquire knowledge on various issues and topics. You can also promote your content and offers on social media, hence it is a helpful way in building your brand image. Social media marketing and optimization involves direct planning and strategy layout with the help of websites that will avail good popularity and ranking in the social sites as well as search engines. Social Media

In this article we look at some of the effective ways of promoting your website/blog with the help of social media networks as discussed below:


This is the first thing you should do before you can start promoting your content on social sites. Your visitors should have an easy way of sharing your content. The share buttons should be placed in an area where they are easily visible to anyone.  There are several plugins that give you good share buttons. I use Shareaholic on my site, and this has enabled me to grow my blog in greater ways than before.


There are a number of social media networks, you need to focus on those that bring in the best results. Focusing on a few, gives you time to create good content and promote it as well. When selecting a social network you also need consider the target audience i.e.  what most of your readers prefer to use as their social network. If you write on Career related topics, then LinkedIn will be a good site to promote your content.  The commonly used networks include:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Google +
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube

I personally focus on Facebook and Pinterest. This is where most of my blog traffic comes from. I use the others but not to a big extent.

Facebook offers different ways to post your content:

  • Link posts
  • Post with images
  • Video/rich media posts

Visual component and layout are key aspects of the Facebook usage. Having a Facebook Fan page, helps you build your brand image by posting high quality content and engaging your audience on day-to-day basis. Joining groups in your niche and actively participating in group’s activities as you share your content, is a great way to build a good, reliable audience for your blog.

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Social media management tools makes it possible to manage your social media accounts with ease. They have automation capability which makes it easy to schedule posts for future dates hence saving on time and effort. They also offer analytics to enable you better understand your content performance.  All you need to do is schedule given tasks and leave the tool to work for you. Some of the best tools include:

For a full list of social media management tools, you can read: Social Media Management Tools.


Social bookmarking sites like RedditDigg etc. enables you to bookmark your blog posts. The advantage of this, is that your blog posts may be visible for many years which does not happen with sites like Facebook, where the lifetime of posts is very short ( hours or just even minutes). Some of these bookmarking sites, have an upvote option, which can put your post on the front/top pages. When your post appears on the top page, you have an opportunity to benefit from higher visibility hence more visitors to your blog. Please note, when you join these bookmarking sites, be active, contribute then share blog posts once in a while, this way you will not be viewed as a someone who shares spam content.


Paid advertising is one other way to reach more audience on the social networks, without having to put in much effort.  Best sites to do paid advertising are: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Make sure you try your best to target your promotion to your desired audience. You can do these basing on Age, Demographics among other factors. Doing this, will ensure you get the value for your advertising money.

Monetize your blog:


Building an audience on social media is a long process, that takes time and effort on your part. Try your best to strategize and plan on how to market your content on social media. With a good plan that is followed with action, you will see good results.

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Author: John M

John is reserved, likes taking on new challenges and blogs in free time.


    1. Exactly, if you play by the rules, Reddit can work well to drive traffic since it is one of the most visited social networking site in the world.

    1. Paying for traffic works well especially if you are selling products and you want to drive customers to your shop either physical one or online type. For blogs most people use free traffic like from social media sites.

  1. I haven’t used reddit yet but I’ve heard a lot better good things about promoting through it. I def have to try it out

  2. Thank you for this informartion John, I heard about reddit but wasnt sure what it does exactly, I will have to look into this deeper, its sounds interesting and useful. I agree in paid advertisement, it can really help boost and reach wider audience.

    1. Hi Crisly, thanks for dropping by again. Yes Reddit can bring in some additional traffic, First after joining be active, then once in awhile share a post.

    1. Yes, you can get some traffic from Reddit, though you need to strategize. Create an account and be active there, then once in awhile post a link to your blog posts. If you start posting many links within a short period of time, they may take it as spam.

  3. This is really helpful! I always love reading up on these tips because each one has a different take, you never know when you might miss something! Thanks for the insight.

  4. I implement a lot of what you suggest to promote my blog. And you are right, it is a marathon not a sprint to build up your audience! Thanks for the tips!

  5. Great post and very informative! I became a blogger in December 2016 and still have much to learn about promoting my blog. Facebook is my biggest traffic getter, for sure. Twitter? I don’t even know why I have one LOL! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Good post. I agree about focusing on using social media where your target audience might be. It might take some time to figure that out, but it’s worth it, if for nothing else, than for the fact that you won’t be wasting time on something that doesn’t work for you anymore.

  7. Thank you for all the useful tips! I should definitely start using a social managemnt tool, I’ll check out those you recommend. Your post was full of great advice

    1. Hi Marie, thanks for visiting again. Yes Facebook and Pinterest are good networks for driving traffic though they require a lot of work on the part of the blogger.

  8. Great article, thank you. Very insightful. I’ve been struggling with paid advertising though – I feel that those who like or follow from my paid advertising don’t engage as much with me..

    1. The best way to do with paid advertising is try as much as possible to convert that traffic to subscribers, that way you won’t lose them completely when the paid campaign is over.

  9. Great suggestions! Social media can be overwhelming, so I use the advice you mentioned about focusing on a couple sites at a time. Like you, I’m currently focused on Pinterest and Facebook. When I master those, maybe I’ll branch out to one of the others. I have a presence other places, but it’s not where I’m focused. But the main point you make is a great one, social media is a great way to begin to get your content out there. I’ll have to look more into the bookmarking sites. I’m not using those at all. Thanks for the advice! 🙂

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