How to Start a Blog in 8 Easy Steps

How to start a blog in 8 Easy steps


Do you want to inspire, help, or create?

Then, it sounds like you should consider blogging.

Clearly, the life of a blogger is one you’d enjoy.

Nothing beats the Adrenalin rush of empowering others.

Alert: Don’t rush to the nearest store and buy the most affordable laptop.

Many decisions need to be made and questions answered.

It’s true. By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll be able to start a blog in 8 easy steps.

Note these comments:

“I have a WordPress account and besides Publishers Clearing House I have no idea what to use the account on or with; oh, I would love some info on this.” (Source:

Steps for Starting a Blog:

Step 1. Pick a niche. 

A niche is the content area you will be writing about.

Your niche should be broad enough that you have subtopics you can write articles about.

For example, my umbrella topic is blogging. My subtopics include blogging tips, social media tips, technology for bloggers, productivity for bloggers, and SEO.

Make sure your umbrella topic is one you have extensive knowledge about and interests you.

For example, I feel I’m knowledgeable about blogging even though I’m a history teacher. I attend webinars and read a great deal, so I feel I’m qualified to offer tips to others.

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Step 2. Make sure there is a market for your content.

In fact, since I’m a Medieval Times history teacher, I was initially interested in connecting events of the Middle Ages to the politics of today. My niche may have been too specific. I could not find an audience. Now I blog about blogging. There are so many blogs, I’ve been able to generate traction.

How can you make sure there is interest in your topic?

Buzzsumo can tell you but it’s a paid tool. Google Trends is a great free resource. Free keyword tools will tell you monthly search volume as well as online competition for readers.

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Step 3. Pick a content management system (also called a CMS). Where will you publish your blog post articles? Many content management systems exist online where you can publish. I recommend Serious bloggers blog there. I realize you may just be starting your blogging journey, but once you migrate to, there’s baggage that you carry around. In other words, you’re still affected by your time at the old site.

I recall when I moved to WordPress, I lost my Blogger followers. They didn’t migrate with the rest of my site.

You can also read:

Step 4. If you start at a dot org site, you need to pick a host.

Do your research and choose a host that’s right for you. How much memory (bandwidth) will your budget allow? There are blogging bills to consider especially once you move to a dot org site.

Step 5. You will need to choose a theme and learn to use it.

A theme is like a template. It’s the look of your blog. Have fun browsing through theme galleries as you choose a look that’s right for you.

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Step 6. Start writing.

It doesn’t have to be perfect to be done.

How to start a blog in 8 Easy steps

Step 7. Promote everywhere and see where your content resonates.

I interviewed 50 experts and asked which social media app is the best. Their answers indicate which apps are the most helpful for bloggers. Learn from their experience and promote where they promote.

Step 8. Learn SEO.

Without search engine optimization, your content will wither on the proverbial shelf. After initial interest, no one will see the writing you worked so hard to craft.

On the other hand, if you optimize for search engines, people could be coming to your site for years and reading your posts.

Wrapping Up

These are my top 8 suggestions for starting a new blog.

Blogging has many advantages, but as you see from my tips, there are many decisions to be made.

Being a blogger is fun, emotionally rewarding, you meet interesting people from all over the world online, and you have a chance to make some money as well.

Now that you’ve read these suggestions for starting a blog, you’re ready.

Use this list as a checklist of steps and take them in order.

Before long, you’ll be welcoming visitors to your blog, responding to comments, and writing your own guest post.

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Janice Wald is a speaker, blogger, blogging coach, author, and freelance writer. Come to her site, Where you can sign up to receive more blogging tips, you’ll receive a PDF of 123 blogging tools to save you hours of time.

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