1. Reflect on life’s purpose –Spend sometime looking at your life and identity, what provides it with meaning and purpose.
  2. Focus on your passions- Focus on the things which mean the most to you. Which aspect of your home life, work life or hobbies and interests mean the most to you.
  3. Determine goal –Picture the goal clearly in terms of what your final goal or destination would look like or what you would like it look like.
  4. Determine steps required towards goal –Start picturing or visualizing the steps required to get the final destination. It is important to chart out a journey towards your goal or destination. Goals
  5. Visualizing goals –Once you have your goals or destination in place and the number of steps required to get to it, you need to make the picture of the goal bigger, more colored or outrageous. Basically anything that makes you remember the picture better.
  6. Committing to goals –Having a promise to commit to visualizing and following through your goal each day. Committing to your goal requires quite a lot of faith and conviction.
  7. Working towards your goal –Make sure each day you work towards meeting a small part of your goal.
  8. Revisit your goals –Sometimes you need to go back to your goal, visit it and think it over.
  9. Revise goals –It it perfectly normal to revisit and slightly change the goals where necessary.