Best WordPress Practices that can be found on Amazon Web Services

Working With Amazon Web Services

Through Amazon Web Services, or AWS, there are a good number of WordPress features that can be efficiently managed. Often times you’ll find going this route saves you time over working with a shared server, as these don’t have the same technological horsepower behind them. The Amazon cloud has over a million servers bearing its digital weight.

Here is a PDF going in-depth on best practices pertaining to approaching online infrastructure with AWS and WordPress. Several of these and other tactics will be explored here.

Network Server System, showing how Amazon Web Services Work

Stateless Strategy

WordPress isn’t “stateless”; its technology is managed separately from that of AWS. AWS is stateless, and this gives you more potentiality and security for varying reasons. When using the two together, you want to migrate what you can in terms of configurations, themes, uploads of a user-generated kind, plugins, and other such information. This gives you the greatest utility between the two.

Proper Log Management Techniques

It’s essential to have monitoring capabilities pertaining to applications on the cloud. For monitoring and management of varying infrastructure and applications, many developers, systems analysts, and reliability engineers use Amazon Cloudwatch – Papertrail log management  that can also be very useful in such scenarios.

There are some who prefer using multiple logging solutions to most effectively manage varying cloud-related components. Which sort of solutions best fit your operation, will depend on: its size, your budget, and current rates of expansion.

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Simplifying Utility

Websites that have relatively low traffic may want to stick to single-server options. As traffic expands, and the website advances, additional options must be added keeping pace with the expansion. This is natural scaling-up.

After a point, more and more integral methods will become necessary. With AWS and WordPress solutions together, options and requirements matching budgetary needs can be chosen as they become necessary. Instead of purchasing everything at once, you can scale up as it suits your operation.

A best practice here would involve instituting shifts in management protocols when they become necessary, rather than getting too far ahead of yourself. In this way you can maintain a cost-effective balance throughout management of these tools.

A collateral positive is the simplification of utility. When infrastructural support and management tools match that which is being managed, naturally doing so is easier to accomplish. Too much or too little infrastructure complicates things. Naturally scaling up will help you simplify the complication involved in such options.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Aurora Incorporation

Amazon has a MySQL/PostgreSQL-compatible database of the relational kind called “Amazon Aurora”. The basic positive you’ll experience is expanded performance and expanded availability of MySQL. Six copies of user data are replicated over three separate Availability Zones, and according to the PDF linked above, this provides 99.99% availability.

Your information is continuously backed up in multiple regions with Amazon Aurora. Using a solution like this for your WordPress information will ensure its security, and should make interfacing with that data more streamlined and swift.

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Offloading Content Of the “Static” Variety

When you offload static content, focusing instead on creation of dynamic content, the server load isn’t so intense. This can additionally be something that will help you make things stateless.

Security secure Technology safety provided by Amazon Web services


Getting The Best Done With What You Have

Do your homework and figure out where you’re at in terms of present needs. If you’re on the smaller end of things, this may be a bit too much for your business. If you’re expanding, you’ll want to look into such infrastructure as that touched on here.

Content sharing, distribution platforms, and cloud computing have much to recommend close association. With WordPress and AWS, you can expand potentiality, security, and expedience of operations over a larger outreach “surface area”. Even if you’ve got many channels of outreach, you’ll be able to manage them with proactive precision and effectiveness.


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