3 Tips that can make your Business Soar

3 Tips that can make your business soar

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These days, everyone seems to be looking for that silver bullet to riches. Unfortunately, those simply don’t exist. The truth of the matter is that to make it to become uber successful, you’re going to need to work hard.

However, there are a few tips that will likely give you the tools that you need in order to make your business soar. Here are those tips:

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Tip #1: Make Sure That Your Product Or Service Offers Transformation

Information technology is so 1999. No really, it is. Back in the late nineties and early two thousands, everyone was focused on learning more. A world of information had just opened up to the public and we couldn’t get enough.

Over the past decade, consumer needs have evolved in a big way. It was Russell Ruffino, CEO at Clients on Demand and self-made millionaire that pointed out this evolution. These days, consumers care less about information and more about transformation.

Think about it, if you want to lose weight, are you looking for information on why you’re having a hard time, or do you want a trans-formative solution to weight loss? Most consumers would choose the latter.

So, if you want your business to become uber-successful, make sure that your product or service focuses on transformation, rather than information. After all, it’s transformation that drives the masses.

3 Tips to make your Business Soar

Tip #2: Focus On The Small Percentage Of Consumers That NEED Your Service

Technology is driving change in marketing, and the uber-successful know how to exploit that change. The old days of marketing are over. The days where blanket ads were met with millions of eyeballs with the hope of a small percentage being interested are over.

Today, we have targeted marketing. With social media, cookies on websites, and other consumer behavior technology, it has become quite easy to set a targeted audience for your advertising efforts. Failing to do so is a big mistake.

Think about it, if you sell drones, why would you want your ad to be seen by a 97-year-old person that spends most of their time inside? Wouldn’t your ad perform better by targeting active, younger members of the community? Maybe active photographers between 25 and 35 years of age?

At the end of the day, by learning who your audience is and targeting your ads to that audience, your return on advertising investments will likely climb. Fine tuning this over time can put you in the league with the head honchos of the world.

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Tip #3: Don’t Price Yourself Out Of Profit

Small business owners often work to make sure that their prices are lower than the competition. However, this isn’t always a good idea. After all, if your service or product is better than the rest, why shouldn’t you charge more.

Advertising plays a role into this. By advertising to consumers that need your product or service, you’ll be attracting the consumers that are willing to pay for the quality that you provide.

There are other problems with price matching and pricing lower than what you believe your product or service is worth. Think about it, when you do this, you attract bargain shoppers while repelling those that are willing to spend the real money.

So, stop worrying so much about price. Instead, fine tune your marketing and make sure that your product or service is a cut above the rest. If you do that, you can charge what you believe the price tag should be!

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You’re Well On Your Way

Success is not a guarantee for anyone. However, with some hard work and keen focus on the 3 tips mentioned above, your chances of reaching uber success will be far higher. So, what are you waiting for, it’s time to work your way to the top!

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29 thoughts on “3 Tips that can make your Business Soar”

  1. I’m definitely struggling with pricing myself out of profit! I’m still so new to my business that I’m not very confident and don’t know if people will be willing to pay more.

  2. Focusing on products that bring transformation rather than just information is such a genius tip! And yes to charging what we’re worth!

  3. These tips are so on point – I especially like the want about focusing on the small percentage of consumers, it creates a much better marketing strategy. great post.

  4. Very useful tips! I read something that suggested for some authors to price their books low for more business. But, I agree that if the product is useful and transformative we should not cheat ourselves. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I agree that most people are willing to spend more for something that really works. I don’t have my own business yet, but I find these tips helpful if ever I start one. Thanks for sharing!

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